17 in 2017

Happy 2017! I thought I would create a list of 17 things/ideas/plans I have for 2017. I will update this list as we go throughout the year!

1. Read through the New Testament

2. Improve my prayer life & pray daily

3. Take time to “stop and look around”

4. Show kindness (not stress) to my coworkers

5. Love my patients

6. “Pay it forward” in some way once per month

7. Visit 5 cities I’ve never been to

8. Attend a Maroon 5 concert

9. Attend a Coldplay concert

10. See the Dallas Cowboys play

11. Chase/see a tornado in Kansas

12. Take 3 mini solo vacations on the weekend

13. Maintain a planner throughout the entire year

14. Limit my attachment to “stuff” and de-clutter

15. THINK about every purchase & save for a house

16. Be more involved with Arkansas Women Bloggers

17. Grow my blog

I would LOVE to hear what your goals/plans are this year! Let’s join together and help each other achieve our goals!