Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Don’t you just love 72 degree weather one day and 40 degree weather the next? That’s what we’re in for around here, but don’t worry I’ve got you covered. One of my favorite things about winter: accessories. You can never really have too many.

1. Everyone needs a leopard sweater. I love leopard as you will learn. It’s so cute and definitely one of the most important neutrals.
2. J Brand is apparently all the rage. Maybe I’m just behind. Some people might despise me for pairing leopard with black…but I think it’s classy and sophisticated.
3. These Tory Burch riding boots will stay on my wish list until at least 10 years from now when I can fork up the money to buy them, but a girl can dream right?
4. You’re going to love me. This L. Erickson whistler print bandeau is only $18 originally, but with this month’s Lucky Breaks, you can get it for $11! You can thank me now. Just head over to and enter “lucky3” at checkout!
5. Arm warmers are a must! I choose the fingerless ones, because you have to be able to text, right? These also have a little glitter in them and we all know glitter makes everything better.
6. Infinity scarves are seriously a life saver. Just throw it on and you will be all cozied up for that cooler weather.

What are your favorite cold weather outfits and accessories?



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