I decided to start a weekly posting entitled “THE WEDNESDAY WHY?!”

Each week I will post things that have occurred over the past week that confuse me or frustrate me. Some weeks I may have one, some I may have more than one. I hope this will be funny.

This week:

**WHY does it seem that everytime I make a playlist on my iPhone does it always play the song I really want to hear last?! I know, I know. I could just choose the song I want to listen to. Choosing playlists is a BIG deal for me. I only have like 10 on my phone, because it takes a special song to make it onto one of my playlists. Like my GYM playlist…I just added “I Cry” by Flo Rida. I was so excited to go to the gym with my “new” playlist and was expecting to hear “I Cry” pretty soon. 14…that’s right FOURTEEN songs later I heard it. By that time I was seriously ready to leave the gym or even better, throw my phone out the window.

Do you guys have any specific happenings that frustrate you?!