The 5 Funniest Ross Episodes from Friends

Happy Monday! In planning my posts for this week, I decided to do a little bit something different today. Since it’s Monday and we are probably all just trying to power through the day, I thought I would share a funny post for today. I got this idea from my favorite character on Friends…Ross Geller. He is hilarious. He’s funnier than hilarious. I’m convinced he & I are the same person. Here’s a countdown of the five funniest Ross episodes in my opinion:

{FIVE} “I’m Fine”

Ross & Rachel…who can ever tell if they like each other or not? Some seasons they do, some seasons they don’t. Rachel ends up dating Joey after a long trip to Barbados for Ross’s paleontology conference. Ross invites his girlfriend Charlie, Rachel, and Joey over for a dinner party. Ross almost immediately drinks too much and starts acting super weird about Rachel and Joey. He starts bringing out food out of the oven without hot pads on his hands, and he’s just completely lost touch with reality at this point. He just keeps saying “I’m fine” over and over when he is clearly not fine.

{FOUR} “Teeth Whitening”

We’ve probably all whitened our teeth at some point, right? But Ross takes it to the next level. We are talking fluorescent teeth! Ross heads over to a date at a girl’s house and pretty much doesn’t talk the entire time. She tells him he is a good listener and he just keeps agreeing with his mouth closed. He then asks her to turn the lights down and for some odd reason she has black lights. You can pretty much guess…his teeth glow-in-the-dark and the girl is so weirded out.

{THREE} “Leather Pants”

The fact that this is the third funniest episode must mean that it was a hard decision. I have watched this clip so many times. Ross thinks he’s cool by wearing these super tight leather pants to a girl’s house for a date. He ends up getting super sweaty from the pants sticking to his legs and he thinks the pants have shrunk. He gets up to go to the bathroom to try to take them off for a little bit to get some relief from the sweat. He spends forever in the bathroom and the girl ends up getting weirded out. He asks her to turn the lights off, and she’s like NO! He tries to pull up the pants but they won’t come up. He decides to call Chandler for some help but Joey is the only one home. Joey proceeds to tell him to try some powder then some lotion and neither idea works. Ross ends up hitting himself in the face when trying to pull his pants up. It’s hilarious! He then has to come out of the bathroom with no pants on and a powder/lotion paste all over his legs.

{TWO} “Spray Tan”

This episode might be one of the main reasons I’m scared to get a spray tan. Not really, but kind of. Ross sees Monica’s spray tan and he decides he should get one. He goes to the spray tan place and the guy tells him the instructions…when the light blinks, close your eyes for the spray and when it stops count to five then turn around for it to spray your back. Well Mr. Analytical Ross decides to count 1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi, and ends up getting his front side sprayed twice. He then goes back in to spray his back but there’s no light on the back wall so he starts freaking out and gets his front side sprayed two more times. At this point, he’s angry and leaves. He shows up at Monica’s apartment and they all make fun of him. He returns to a different spray tan place and the booth is set up differently. You’ll have to watch it but long story short he gets sprayed on his front side two more times. Poor Ross!

{ONE} “Pivot”

Y’all. I can barely even type this without laughing. Ross gets a new couch and wants to carry it up the narrow staircase to his apartment. He first enlists the help of Rachel, but they drop it over the railing. Rachel then wants to get Joey to help, but instead brings Chandler. They begin to carry the couch up the stairs, and Ross begins yelling “PIVOT” every 5 seconds. I think it must be so funny because his accent. And he’s being his usual bossy self. They’re all getting frustrated at this point and he says “PIVOT” one more time to which Chandler replies “shut up, shut up, SHUT UP”  and that’s when I lose it. It’s SO FUNNY. Later in the episode, he ends up sawing the couch in half and tries to return it.

I decided the easiest way for you to relive these episodes is to watch for yourself! I’ve created a playlist on YouTube:

I’m still dying laughing. These episodes will never get old. PLEASE can we have a FRIENDS reunion? 

I actually took a poll on my personal Facebook page, and all of these episodes were mentioned more than once by my friends. I usually watch an episode at night while I’m getting ready for bed, and I always gravitate to one of these if they’re on my DVR.

I want to hear from you:

-What is your favorite Ross episode?

-Was Ross your favorite character?

Have a good week! XO,


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