#nsale: Best of Shoes for Fall

Happy Monday. But question…why is it always Monday and where did my weekend go? Thankfully I have a day off this weekend and I’m getting a much needed massage. August is going to be super busy for me, so I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible. I have no idea how I used to pull all nighters in pharmacy school ;) I’m rambling, but I wanted to share the best of the #nsale shoes.

Confession: I ordered 9 pairs of shoes from the Nordstrom sale. NINE. 9. You read that right. I did know however, that I probably wasn’t going to keep all of them. TIP: before I shopped the Nordstrom sale shoe section, I assessed what I already had in my closet and what I needed for fall. As you know, I’ve been so busy the last few years with school. I’ve moved several times and I still don’t have everything organized like I want it. I’ve given away a lot of shoes, clothes, etc. I finally narrowed it down that I needed a pair of brown booties and a pair of black booties for sure. I know that your newsfeeds are blowing up with #nsale information, but I choose to order from Nordstrom for several reasons. I don’t have to pay tax or shipping and their return policy is amazing! They have great customer service that is always willing and able to help me out if I need it.

Here’s what I kept:

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These black booties are super comfortable. I also love them, because they aren’t boring. The perforations add just enough flair to a bootie that is a must-have for fall. I can see myself wearing these daily this fall!

booties, brown booties, nsale, nordstrom, vince camuto

I had my fingers crossed about these brown booties (above), and I got so so lucky. The stitching adds the right amount of flair. I also love the distressing on the toe. They look worn in without looking dirty, if that makes sense. You’re not going to find me in a high heel bootie, so these are perfect.

leopard, leopard loafers, nsale, nordstrom

Trust me, I’m sure you’ve seen 9283094 bloggers in these leopard loafers (above) already. Question: are they worth it? Yes. Are they really that good? Yes. Leopard is my favorite neutral, and these are comfortable enough to wear to work all day.

And in keeping with the loafer trend, I decided to opt for this suede pair. I have been wanting to try a pair of Kristin Cavallari shoes for a while, and I finally got my chance. These are like butter. The leather is so soft and supple. I am obsessed with these so much that I told my BFF and she ordered them, too ;)

Shop the post:

*I ordered my normal size in all four of these pairs*

Now for the best news? These are all under $100. Your closet and your wallet will thank you! As I wear these shoes this fall, I will be sure to share photos with you on Instagram. Be sure to check out my post on basics for fall from the #nsale!

A couple of housekeeping items: I’ve added a Nordstrom sale tab here if you want to see the best of the entire sale. I’ve also added a section of Arkansas recommendations that includes eat, primp, and stay. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks for reading & let me know if you have any questions or blog post ideas!




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