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Happy Sunday. I’m writing this post as I’m watching my beloved Dallas Cowboys play football. I love this season, because it means FOOTBALL. It also means cold weather. This can make road trips quite different when traveling in the winter. Here are my tips for bringing along the essentials for a winter road trip:

*THINK WARM: Now is not the time to be cute. Trust me, I like to dress up and look cute when I’m going out, but here you need to think smart. Be sure to have a warm pair of gloves & socks in your car. The thicker, the better. Also, grab an extra blanket and load it up in your car.

*THINK RAIN/SNOW: This won’t apply to all locations, but you need to prepare for cold rain/snow in some cases. Pack an umbrella, ice scraper, and a shovel in your car.

*THINK DARKNESS: In the case of bad roads or a breakdown, you may have to wait for help for a while. Be sure to pack a flashlight and an extra battery for your phone. AND don’t forget the phone cords!

*THINK SAFETY: A first aid kit is a must-have in any car. Be sure to change it out each year to be sure the contents are within date. Also, a swiss army knife is always good to have in your car.

As always, check and make sure you have your driver’s license, insurance card, and registration when heading out on a road trip. If you are looking for tips on all things cars & road trips, be sure to check out Here you will find tips on the perfect car for your family and even car seat tips to check for safety.

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Always remember, HAVE FUN! I have made some of my best memories with my friends and family on road trips!

Thanks for reading & be sure to let me know where you’re headed on road trips this winter!




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