Hello pretties! I’m so thankful that Stacey has allowed me to introduce myself & blog to you today! My name is Rebekah & I blog over at All That Glitters. I love writing anything that comes to mind including fashion, beauty, life, and laughter! Besides the usual postings, I have two different continuous weekly postings: the Wednesday WHY?! & the Dallas Daily. On Wednesdays I like to post something that frustrates me & translate it into a funny story. On Saturdays with the Dallas Daily, I love to write about my favorite places in Dallas. I love that city so much!

I am in pharmacy school & life can get crazy at times, but I love being able to write it all out blogging & sharing my life with others. Hopefully something I write will inspire you.

Here is my most adorable nephew Zaebree (he’s the BEST!):

And here is my niece Zelphia who is SO cute:
Any free time I get, I love coming home to see them! Aren’t they precious!?
Again, thanks Stacey for having me. I hope you will all stop by and say hey! Have a great day! 

Hi all you Beautiful Mess readers! I’m Rebekah & I blog over at All That Glitters! I’m pretty new to the blogging world! I have only been around for a month & a half, but I am loving every minute of it. I’m so thankful that Ricci has allowed me to introduce myself & blog with you today! Thanks so much for having me girl!

I am in pharmacy school here in Arkansas. I know, it’s crazy that I even have enough time to blog, but I love scheduling & organizing so it makes it easier! This is my family at my white coat ceremony:

{my sis, dad, me, mom, & zaebree}
I have the cutest niece & nephew in the entire world. I am so obsessed with them & you can find me taking pictures of them 24/7. Here they are in all their glory:

{zelphia & zaebree}
I started blogging, because I think it is a great way to share my thoughts with people in a fun way! I like to write about anything really. I have two continuous weekly posts: the Wednesday WHY?! & the Dallas Daily. In the Wednesday WHY?! I like to share something that has frustrated me over the past week. I try to make it funny :) In the Dallas Daily (on Saturdays) I like to share places that I love in the greatest city in the world, Dallas!
I have loved getting to know others through blogging & cannot wait to see what will happen next. I am truly inspired by the stories that some girls share & it inspires me to be someone people can talk to.
Everyone be sure to stop by and say hey! And again, thanks Ricci for having me! 

Happy Saturday!

I have several readers who have children, so I wanted to share a FUN place in Dallas to take the kids. Plus, I have the most adorable nephew, Zaebree, who I can’t wait to take to the Aquarium! By the way, here’s Zaebree & I (he’s in his robot costume, because it was his birthday):

You don’t have to tell me. I know, he’s the cutest thing ever! LOVE that boy! But the Aquarium is so awesome! I actually went there in high school (go ahead, laugh) for a choir trip. It’s open 10-5 daily, so you can really go anytime! It’s perfect in any season. My favorite exhibit is the Penguins at 12 or 4. I think penguins are SO cute how they waddle! Here are some pictures of the Aquarium:

See, I’m not that shallow. I LOVE Dallas for other reasons than just shopping! It really is such a great place to go with the family & learn!
Let me know if you have ever been or are planning to go!