Being a Pharmacist: How I Became Career-Ready

*Thanks to the Springdale School of Innovation for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts & opinions are my own.*

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a bit different that usual, but I wanted to share a little bit of history on my life and a how education became a huge part of it. I graduated from pharmacy school last May, and I’m currently a registered pharmacist.

Elementary school: I was blessed by parents who were very supportive throughout my school years. My mom was a 4th grade teacher at my elementary school. I had incredible teachers that really developed my love for learning. I grew to know that I loved school. I would look forward to going to school and learning. I quickly realized that I had a passion for math.

Junior High: I found myself wanting to challenge myself. I knew that I would take pre-algebra in 7th grade, and I knew that it would be a challenge. I made some of my best friends in this class, because we all had to work together to get through it. Let’s be honest, math with letters instead of numbers is always interesting ;)

High school: I really started to look toward the future and what I wanted to do with my life. I started working in a local pharmacy, and I FELL IN LOVE. I knew I wanted to be a pharmacist. I soon began to realize that math & science classes would be my foundation to be successful in college. I started loading up on biology, chemistry, and calculus.

Undergrad: I went into the first semester of undergrad as a pre-pharmacy major. I remember walking into the first day of chemistry even to this day. It was so exciting to me to learn all things periodic table. Of course this was inorganic chemistry, and I had no idea what organic chemistry would bring to the table. Speaking of organic chemistry, it was the hardest two semesters of college in my life. It was even harder than pharmacy school.

Pharmacy school: Having worked in a pharmacy starting in high school proved to be very helpful when I got to pharmacy school. Learning the top 200 drugs was a little easier with my past experience. But what continued to help me was the extensive training in math & science that I had. Becoming a pharmacist is a long road, but I would not change it for the world.

Throughout my entire school career, I saw that no two people learn the same way. I even had to change up some of my studying habits as I progressed through school. I was blessed to attend a small, private Christian university for undergrad and pharmacy school. I grew to see the teachers not only as instructors, but also as friends. And my entire organic chemistry class became like family, because we were always studying together.

I wanted to share some information about a new STEM school that has arrived here in Arkansas. By the way, a STEM school stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math”. The Don Tyson School of Innovation is now open in Springdale, Arkansas. This school really got my attention, because I have no doubt that I would have loved to attend a school like this. While I felt prepared for college, there were definitely times that I know this school would have helped me prepare even more.

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

This school doesn’t have typical classrooms with rows of chairs. No, this school is different. It is grounded on the foundation of hands-on learning to prepare its students for the future. I can easily someone like me (who loves to learn) excelling in this type of environment.

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

If you have any children or family members who you would think would love this type of school, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have several contacts that I can help you with, and I can for sure get you more information. I am also here to talk with any girls who might be interested in a career in the medical field. I would love to share tips and ideas about how to succeed in this type of career! My email can be found here.

Here’s a video with more about the School of Innovation!

Thanks for reading!



Megaphone Summit 2016 Recap

img_4951 Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a good weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I attended Megaphone Summit last weekend! Megaphone Summit is an amazing conference that brings together influencers & brands from around the region. This year’s summit was hosted by the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I thought I would share some of the amazing experiences I had at the summit from photos to classes. I met up with Ricci on Friday night in downtown Fayetteville to get Megaphone Summit started. We even got to decorate our own name tags!

megaphone summit 2016, fayetteville, arkansas

Friday night was super fun getting to catch up with some friends I’ve made through blogging. We got started with an awesome keynote from Sister Schubert. YES, she’s the founder of the roll company. She was incredibly inspiring as a businessperson but also as a “girl boss”. She has such a heartwarming story of starting her brand from the ground up, from humble beginnings. It was great to get such inspiration for starting the conference on Friday night. We then headed to the Town Center Plaza for some dinner. I absolutely LOVE this mural in the plaza:

enjoy local mural, megaphone summit 2016, fayetteville, arkansas, downtown, mural

We headed to bed pretty early, because we had to get up at 5:45 on Saturday morning! Stephanie, the founder of The Women Bloggers, started our morning off each day. She is a total inspiration to me! She had a vision and ran with it. She is the reason so many of us continue to blog. Speaking of women who inspire me, Peg Fitzpatrick, had the morning’s first keynote. She was EVERYTHING. She loves pink, she loves the DryBar…this is a friendship that’s meant to be!

peg fitzpatrick, PEG, megaphone summit 2016, fayetteville, arkansas

We began our breakout classes. There was 9 sessions this year and we got to choose from 3 choices each time. I could seriously write for DAYS on each of the sessions, but take my word for it…I learned SO much. What’s so great is that I was able to get a vast array of information on so many different blog subjects: law/ethics/FTC, content creation, and SEO. It was super helpful to get some inspiration to get back into blogging. (yes, my life has been CRAZY lately)

Oh, and by the way…we had a BLOWOUT room provided by Remington. The new Thermaluxe products were used on our hair & I’m totally obsessed. Thanks so much for my awesome blowout with plenty of volume. #RemReady

#remready, thermaluxe, remington, megaphone summit 2016, fayetteville, arkansas

We wrapped up the conference around noon on Sunday, and I was totally not ready to go home. A huge shoutout to Fayetteville for hosting us, we had a blast! We can’t wait to be back next year.

megaphone summit 2016, fayetteville, arkansas, downtown, street view

 If you have any questions about blog conferences, be sure to email me! Also, if you are in Arkansas and interested in blogging, be sure to email me so we can get you involved in Arkansas Women Bloggers. I thought I would share a few takeaways from the conference below.

THREE things I learned at #Megaphone16:

  • This is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s SO easy to get caught up in what “everyone else is doing”. What I mean is that sometimes I want to compare my blogging journey to others. I may not have the millions of followers as someone who started blogging a couple of years ago. But guess what? It doesn’t matter.
  • Make a goal and chase it. I realized really quickly at the conference that I had to take a step back and ask myself why I started this blog in the first place. I want this to be a place where I compile my life. I have narrowed it down to these topics: beauty/fashion & travel. This is where I want to take the blog. I want to share my everyday life while throwing in beauty/fashion tips and trip recaps I have taken. I have huge dreams for my life, so let’s do this!
  • Consistence is key. This has hands down been the biggest downfall of my blog. Life happens. In the past 4 years, I have lost my mom to cancer, seen my dad move to China, seen my dad suffer a stroke, graduated pharmacy school, and seen my grandma be diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. I am NOT sharing all of that to make excuses or anything. I share that to help us realize that life happens. This blog is a place where I can let loose and have some fun.

To see the full schedule so you can plan on joining us next year, click here! (Megaphone Summit will again be held in Fayetteville, Arkansas)

THREE things not to forget for blog conferences:

  • Business Cards: I got my business cards printed online through MOO. I have gotten business cards before from them, and I’m in love. They always come out looking super professional & clean. Mine also came with a handy carry case so they don’t get lost down in my bag.
  • Comfy shoes: This is a MUST. I know that we all want to look super cute at conferences though, so I packed these flats that are cute AND comfy. And you know me, leopard goes with everything and it’s my favorite neutral.
  • Large Tote: What would I do without Target? I honestly have no idea. I picked up this burgundy tote specifically for the conference. It’s technically called a “weekender”, so it’s big enough to fit my Nikon, laptop, notebook, pens, chargers/batteries, planner, etc. It’s also under $50, so it’s a steal. I’m totally obsessed with burgundy for fall anyways.

burgundy tote, target, ray ban, sunglasses, name tag, leopard flats, yosi samara

Shop my flats & tote:

Thank you so much for reading my Megaphone Summit 2016 recap. Please email me with any questions! SO thankful to be a part of Arkansas Women Bloggers who empower me to reach my goals & chase my dreams.




Christmas Camp 2014 with Cajun’s Wharf

Happy Tuesday! I hope y’all are staying warm out there, because suddenly winter has struck Arkansas. Let’s get out those scarves & boots! You want to know the perfect place to warm up this season? Cajun’s Wharf restaurant situated perfectly right on the Arkansas River. I was recently invited out to Cajun’s with the Arkansas Women’s Bloggers & I would LOVE to tell you all about it.

cajun's wharf, arkansas river restaurant, little rock arkansas, little rock arkansas restaurant, seafood restaurant

I met up with my bloggy BFF, Ricci, who blogs over at Imperfectly Ricci. We headed to Studio 2121 in Little Rock to get blowouts before heading to the event. We had to look our best! I would highly recommend this salon, they are great! Check them out on Facebook!

blowout, studio 2121 blowout, blowout bar, salon, little rock arkansas salon, little rock arkansas

Next, we headed to the main event at Cajun’s Wharf. I absolutely LOVE the setting of this restaurant right on the Arkansas River. I had eaten here a couple of times, but this time was different. They truly opened their doors to us and let us see the inner workings of this restaurant! It is so fun being able to see how businesses in Arkansas are successful and have such a passion for what they do.

I want it to be known that Cajun’s Wharf uses farm fresh ingredients and everything is made from scratch. Also, your food is made to order, so you know it’s not been sitting back there for forever.

  cajun's wharf, arkansas river restaurant, little rock arkansas, little rock arkansas restaurant, seafood restaurant

The staff, owners, and managers were so helpful to answer all of our questions. They were extremely knowledgeable!

I was super glad I didn’t eat before I came, because the appetizers, lunch, dessert, and pizza were all amazing. AND can I please just say that you HAVE to get the “Blackened Chicken Eggrolls” when you go. They are to die for. For dessert: I recommend all of them, but especially the Coconut creme pie!

cajun's wharf, arkansas river restaurant, little rock arkansas, little rock arkansas restaurant, seafood restaurant

After we ate lunch, Mary Beth, led us to the open kitchen where we watched a cooking demonstration. Ladies and gentlemen…Mary Beth is a rockstar.

cajuns wharf little rock arkansas, seafood arkansas, seafood little rock

She is such an attentive teacher who really wants to help others be able to cook. She definitely had her hands full with me because we all know I know NOTHING about the kitchen besides what wall color would look best ;)

I had such a great time getting meet other Arkansas bloggers while we were there. We even picked up some fun swag! Thanks, Cajun’s!

cajun's wharf, arkansas river restaurant, little rock arkansas, little rock arkansas restaurant, seafood restaurant

Be sure to check out Cajun’s Wharf. They are also now open for lunch on Monday-Friday 11am-2pm. This is the perfect spot to grab up a bunch of work friends and go!

cajun's wharf, arkansas river restaurant, little rock arkansas, little rock arkansas restaurant, seafood restaurant, lunch at cajuns wharf, little rock lunch, lunch

The owners of Cajun’s Wharf have a couple of different restaurants as well. You can check them out below…

>>About Cajun’s, Capers, & Copper Grill<<

And for all things Cajun’s, visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Thank you again so much to Cajun’s Wharf for hosting this lovely event. I will be back SOON!

cajuns wharf little rock, arkansas river restaurant

  cajuns wharf little rock, arkansas river restaurant

Until next time, Cajun’s! <3