This past Saturday morning, I got up super early at 6AM to get ready and head to Springfield, Missouri for the Sephora VIB Rouge Event. VIB Rouge members were invited to shop in a Sephora store from 8:30AM to 10AM before the store even opened its doors to the public. This fall preview event was exciting for me to attend.

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers How sweet of it was it for them to have breakfast, coffee, and water for us? Thank you, Sephora!!

Y’all I love me some Sephora. But let’s be honest..I can only shop on the weekends and Sephora is usually packed! It gets crazy in there, and it can even be hard to focus. Since I had planned this visit a week ago, I looked and reviews and had a list of items I knew I wanted to purchase.

I got to really take time & focus on some brands that I wanted to try out & sample: FRESH & Drunk Elephant are high on my list right now!

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers, fresh cosmetics, rose

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers

And if you’re looking for a cute gift for your BFF, check out the Sephora Collection for Summer. How adorable are these strawberry accessories?!

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers

While in store, I was able to try several products and get help from the experts. I for sure knew I wanted to try a new full coverage foundation, so they helped match me with the perfect shade. I thought I would go ahead and share what I bought with you!

VIB Rouge Event Purchases:

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers, makeup, kat von d, clinique, fresh, nars, klorane

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation: I have heard really good things about this foundation, so I waited until I could shop in store so the ladies could help me find the perfect color! They did just that & I purchased “Light 45 Warm”. It matches perfectly and accomplishes my goal of full-coverage foundation very well!

Fresh Floral Toner: This version is for deep hydration. You know my obsession with rose from this post. I wanted to try this toner, because I’ve read that the “FRESH” brand is very gentle on the skin. Since I have pretty sensitive skin, I knew I wanted to try this product. It has actual rose petals in it and helps tone down the look of pores! I will keep you updated!

Klorane Peony Shampoo: Disclaimer–I use a lot of dry shampoo. Probably around 4/5 workdays in a week. I wanted to try this shampoo, because it’s like food for your scalp. And healthy food at that. It  is formulated to be soothing to your scalp, and that’s just what I need after some major dry shampoo’ing during the week. It smells heavenly, too!

NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Kohliner: I had every intention of picking up a dark black liner this trip, but this color changed my mind. I chose the dark navy after the makeup artist tried this color on me! It was just dark enough to get the job done, but it didn’t look so drastic as dark black can tend to do. It blended well for the perfect smoky eye! I’m already in love with this product. I highly recommend grabbing this limited edition color!

Clinique Supercharged Concentrate: This is a sample that I got and loved, so I bought the full size. I think I will write an entire blog post on samples I’ve loved. Anyways, this product is perfect for summer, because it’s lightweight yet does it job well. It’s loaded with antioxidants and has amazing moisturizing coverage. I even heard a tip: keep it in the fridge for an extra dose of cool-ness when you apply it ;)

Hair Brush Cleaner: This is kind of one of those products you never know you need. Back to the dry shampoo…when I brush my hair out before I wash it, it collects so much buildup (GROSS!). I had been looking for a brush cleaner, so I snagged this one. It works so well!

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers, makeup, kat von d, clinique, fresh, nars, klorane

sephora, sephora vib rouge, vib rouge event, beauty bloggers, makeup, kat von d, clinique, fresh, nars, klorane

Shop my purchases:


I want to hear from you:

-Do you love shopping at Sephora?

-What’s your fave beauty brand?

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I thought I would start the week off by sharing all of the reasons why to subscribe to the Sephora PLAY! box! I will also share a review of my Sephora PLAY! box from May, so let’s get started.

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What is Sephora PLAY! Sephora PLAY! is a monthly subscription box filled with fabulous samples by some of my favorite beauty companies. You will get F-I-V-E samples & a fragrance sample bonus each month!

Why I love Sephora PLAY! Each month, the box arrives to me and comes with all products tucked nicely in a little bag. I’ve had satin drawstring bags, plastic envelope type bags, and cute canvas drawstring bags. I love each box, because it is always themed.

Are there any in-store benefits? YES! Each month you will get a “PLAY! Pass” that you can take to a Sephora store for a one-on-one tutorial. Guess what? You will also receive 50 points to your beauty insider account just for visiting the store! It’s a win-win. This is on top of the 10 points you will get each month for just subscribing to the box. ($10 box = 10 points)

How much is shipping? Shipping is always free!

How often do you get a box? This is a monthly subscription box.

What was the theme for the May box? Beauty on the rise

Last Thursday I finally had time to check my PO Box and saw my Sephora PLAY! box in it! The boxes are brown & white striped, so I always jump for joy when I see it. Here’s a peek at what I got in this month’s box:

sephora, sephora play, subscription box, makeup, skincare, perfume

ONE: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask–I used this mask last night so that I could give you a legitimate review. I have very sensitive skin, but this mask is calming and non-irritating. The instructions recommend to leave on for 20-30 minutes (or 10 minutes for sensitive skin). Since I have sensitive skin, I chose 10 minutes. If I could describe how this mask felt on my face using one word: TIGHTENING. This is one of my favorite feelings for a mask, so I am excited to continue to use this product. Would I purchase this? YES.

TWO: Christophe Robin Hair Scrub– There are several different ways to use this product, but I chose to apply like a shampoo. I wanted to be sure it was safe on color-treated hair, because I just got my hair done last week. You are good to go if you have chemically-treated hair :) I used a tablespoon on my hair and scrubbed my scalp pretty well to be sure to get any buildup out. I then added water and rinsed. I really liked how clean my hair felt after this scrub. Would I purchase this? YES.

THREE: Milk Beauty Blur Stick–This is my first time using a Milk product. I have heard good things about this brand, so I was excited to see this burring stick in this box. With the insane humidity, this product is a welcome addition to my makeup bag. I use this product in places that my face tends to get shiny. I apply in my t-zone, under my eyeshadow, and on my chin. It works very well as a primer, and is handy in its stick form. Would I purchase this? YES.

FOUR: NEST Black Tulip–This perfume is a sultry scent that is good for someone like me who doesn’t love a fruity scent. All of the perfumes I have are from the oriental family. If you are looking for a scent that’s good for a date night out, this perfume is for you. Would I purchase this? No (simply because I have enough perfume right now)

FIVE: Grande Lips Plumper–This plumper has hyaluronic acid to plump lips. Since I received the clear color, it can be used under your favorite lip color. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I don’t take a whole lot of risk when it comes to lip colors. I usually just use a nude gloss. Be careful to only apply on your lips, because if you get this on the skin around your lips, it will turn red. Would I purchase this? No (only because I have other concerns to tackle before plump lips;))

SIX: Trestique Multipurpose Stick–This stick is a multipurpose highlighter that is super silky and blends well with makeup. This stick has coconut oil in it, so it won’t dry out your skin. I love products that I can throw in my purse or clutch, so this stick will come in handy. I can see myself using this for an afternoon pick-me-up. Would I purchase this? YES

Shop the May box:

Now’s your chance! There had been a major wait list to join Sephora PLAY!, but you can join right now. There are open spots! Sign up here!

I want to hear from you:

-Are you a Sephora PLAY! subscriber?

-If so, what’s your favorite item you’ve ever received?

Thanks for reading! XO,


Happy Wednesday! It’s unseasonably cool around here today which a welcome change for me. As it has been getting warmer, I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s in my hair care arsenal for this summer. I’ve also been thinking about how to keep my hair strong and healthy. While these tips may not be all that groundbreaking, they have certainly helped me grow my hair out!

Three Tips for Healthy Summer Hair:

*Give your hair a break & let it air dry once in a while

*Use a heat protecting spray when blow drying, straightening, curling, or in the sun

*Use a silk pillowcase when sleeping (I have this one & it goes everywhere with me!)

I’m going to be super honest, I NEVER use a blow dryer. The only time my hair gets dried with heat is when I’m at a salon. I don’t even own a hair dryer. I only wash my hair twice a week at the most, so I will let it dry over night. Am I the worst beauty blogger ever? Maybe. However, I promise that letting your hair air dry will help it’s growth and strength immensely.

Most of us know to apply a heat protecting spray when styling, but I recommend a heat protectant spray even when going swimming or to the lake/beach. Since our hair is smack dab on the top of our head, we need to protect it like we would our skin. Think of heat protecting spray as a “sunscreen” for your hair ;)

I will be the first person to tell you that I was skeptical of silk pillowcases. I was like there is NO way that silk pillowcases can help keep my skin clear or help my hair not tangle as much, but it has really worked for me. AND talk about the coolness on the other side of the pillow! It’s great!

I thought I would share what products I use & what products I’m picking up from the Gorgeous Hair Event with Ulta that I think will help you accomplish your goal of healthy summer hair. With the exception of the Ouidad Climate Control Gel, I have used all of these products and they were good enough to make this list.

Wednesday, May 25th: 50% off Atmos-Shield Hair Protectant from Orlando Pita Play & Advanced Climate Control Gel from Ouidad

Friday, May 27th: 50% off select styling from Kenra (I love this dry texture spray!)

Monday, May 30th: 50% off Luster Lock from Joico

Thursday, June 2nd: 50% off Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner from Healthy Sexy Hair

Friday, June 3rd: 50% off Frizz Dismiss Treatments from Redken (I love this mask!)

(click on any product above to shop)

Remember, it’s always easier to prevent heat/sun damage before it happens! I think of it like I think of moisturization…once your skin is dry, it’s SO much harder to get the moisture back. The same way with your hair…once it gets broken and fried, it’s SO much harder to repair it.

PS I have been growing my hair out for a couple of years now. It’s finally long enough that I feel like when I get it curled, it doesn’t look like Shirley Temple ;) Check out this Instagram post to see the blowout I got recently! I highly recommend Hayley at Just Blow if you’re ever in the Little Rock area.

 I want to hear from you:

-What are your tips for healthy summer hair?

-What are your must-have hair products?

Thanks for reading!