Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I was contacted by Uncommon Goods and asked to check out their website. I was super excited for this opportunity, because I’m graduating in 2 months and moving. It almost feels as if I’m starting over and I have a pretty good idea of the direction I want to go with home decor.

Why Uncommon Goods? I was attracted to this company for one reason: their story. As I have gotten older and traveled around to different parts of the world, I have seen that the environment and people often get taken for granted. I was so pleasantly happy to see a company that seeks to carry products that aren’t harmful to the environment or people.

Uncommon Goods is independently-owned, which was also a big plus to me. Entrepreneurship has always been quite appealing to me. For each purchase from their website, $1 will be donated to one of their not-for-profit partner organizations. I was drawn to the “Women for Women International” organization. This provides war survivors and refugee women with the tools needed to establish a life of self-sufficiency. War has affected so many countries, and I believe this is a worthwhile cause.

I have found several pieces I liked on the Uncommon Goods website. I am obsessed with white + gold as of late. I want my bedroom to feature all white bedding and be very clean-lined. I love having decorative accents that add to the style of a room. Find adorable accents here! (I LOVE these agate coasters!)

I also am a big fan of wall art that makes a statement. Wall art prints can be found here.

world travel, map, travel, uncommon goods

I found this world map print that I love! (We all know I want to travel the world!)

Since I do want all white bedding, some fun accent pillows would help my bedding look “finished.” Check out this page for pillows/throws to complete this look! Lastly, I was telling my grandparents the other day that I was looking to get some new furniture for my new place. I am thankful that I have been passed down several pieces that have been in the family, but I want to make my home feel like mine. Uncommon Goods has adorable furniture pieces here!

side table, decor, state, uncommon goods

How adorable are these state side tables? You can pick your state here!

I am thankful for this blog for many reasons. I feel like I have been going through a learning process in my own life lately, and I am blessed to be contacted by Uncommon Goods. I am thankful that I have been introduced to this website, and I am thankful for amazing causes such as this one.

*Thanks to Uncommon Goods for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.*


Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe the weekend is almost here. It’s been a long week ;) Today I wanted to share another hair post, this time on my hair extensions that I received from Irresistible Me! They were so kind to send me a set of hair extensions for me to try out.

irresistible me, hair extensions, irresistible me hair extensions

This post has been a LONG time coming, because I was having trouble figuring out exactly how to make these work. I’m glad though, because now my hair is SUPER long and I was able to create a very natural look with these hair extensions.

My extensions: Medium Brown // 16″ // 140g

Initial reaction: Oh my goodness, these are so dark! I was SUPER scared when I first opened the box, so I had to walk away and come back to them.

Process: I will not pretend to know everything (or even anything) about hair. I have just recently in the past couple of years finally mastered the big, loose wavy curls. I know…it’s sad. When I opened the box, I knew I wanted to curl the extensions with my wand. I curled each piece and let them sit overnight. The curls were loose and wavy. When I was ready to put the extensions in, I curled all of my hair with my wand. Since I was just trying these out, I only added 4 extensions…the single strands (2) and the double strands (2). There are several more strands I didn’t use this particular time.

I clipped in each strand toward the front of my face. I was sure to clip them in so you can’t see them. Since my hair is SUPER dark at the roots with an almost ombre toward the bottom, this medium brown color actual looked amazing. They blended in SO well and ended up giving my hair amazing dimension and volume!


irresistible me hair extensions, hair extensions

Since it’s winter, I think the dimension that the dark strands add is awesome! I totally wish I had taken these extensions to Vegas now!

Final look:

(I wanted to share a photo in a white shirt so you could see just how awesome the extensions look!)

irresistible me, hair extensions, irresistible me hair extensions


hair products, big curls, psssst, chi hairspray, redken, nume magic wand

Products used: Dry Shampoo, Psssst! // Hairspray, CHI (Enviro 54 firm hold) // Root Booster, Redken // Curling Wand, Nume (32mm)

ALSO, you will totally want this lip duo I have on, I’m obsessed with it! Apply one coat of the lip plumper then wait around 1 minute and apply a thin layer of the balm.

lip dior revlon, lip balm, lip plumper, pink

Lip plumper, Dior // Lip Balm, Revlon (color is “elusive”)


If you have any questions, PLEASE email me. I am happy to help you decide on a set of extensions!

*Thank you so much to Irresistible Me for sending me these hair extensions to try! All opinions are my own.*

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Minted. All opinions are my own :)

If there is anything I start counting down to months early, it’s the holidays! I love everything about this season…the cooler weather, the Christmas tree picking out, and LOTS OF sparkle. In my house, you will never find an absence of sparkle, but during the holidays I like to really pile on the glitter + sequins.

One of my favorite things to do in preparation is to check out the new holiday card collections. One of my favorite sites is Minted!

Minted connects you with the best independent artists to bring you endlessly fresh, truly unique art, stationery, and home décor you won’t find anywhere else. They are also a global community of independent artists and host ongoing design competitions to source new pieces/designs.

Their collection is fabulous + bright. I don’t have too many requirements for my holiday cards…actually I just have one. I want my cards to be foil pressed. I picked out my 7 favorite foil pressed designs below…

(keep in mind, these are what I chose for me as a single girl! there are plenty more options for families here!)

rose gold, holiday cards, merry christmas, joyful card, minted


rose gold, holiday cards, merry christmas, joyful card, minted

pine + berry

rose gold, holiday cards, merry christmas, joyful card, minted

golden evergreen

rose gold, holiday cards, merry christmas, joyful card, minted

sophisticated snowfall

rose gold, holiday cards, merry christmas, joyful card, minted

geo flake

rose gold, holiday cards, merry christmas, joyful card, minted

painterly pines

I love all of these designs because they are BOLD and incorporate great color. I really think the foil pressed cards really pop and will put a smile on the face of anyone who opens that envelope!

I just can’t keep a secret anymore, I HAVE to share which card I ordered…

pink, gold, holiday cards, merry christmas, joyful card, minted

berries and boughs

If you know me, you know I love pink. I really like the colors in this card but also I love how clean it is. It has a simple message but it’s so beautiful that I know it will look cute on the mantel or refrigerator ;) I will share my finished design when I get them in!

If you are looking for great holiday cards, be sure to check out Minted. Starting today (11-10 through 11-16) ALL foil pressed art + holiday cards are 20% off! Be sure to head on over to the site and get yours ordered so they will be here in time for the holidays!

I can’t wait to see which cards you ordered! Let me know below!



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(A huge thank you to Minted for allowing me to try their holiday cards this season. All opinions are my own.)