HAPPY Friday! I am already having an awesome Friday, because I won a month of ad space at Allie’s blog. I went to link-up to the Pit/Peak post & saw it! Thanks Allie! :)
In case you didn’t see my post last week, Allie over at Tales of a Twenty Something & Brin over at Bold Butter Baby are joining up to do a weekly post entitled Pit & Peak of your week! It’s great to be able to see how others’ weeks have gone & to lend a shoulder to lean on if they need you! Go link-up with us on either of their blogs.


My grandpa is seeing a doctor for some tests. We are not totally sure what is going on, but hopefully it will all get worked out. As many of you know, my mom passed away about 9 months ago with cancer, so it’s hard to see other family members go through pain. I wanted to start this phrase that I will use on twitter, so you will know what it means: Prayers for Poppy. I would love for you to join with me & pray for him!


School is going GREAT. After a week, I feel like we have already learned so much. We are studying the thyroid, and it’s so interesting to me. I’m a nerd okay :)
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Happy Thursday! One more day until the weekend! YAY. And guess what? Today I have an awesome giveaway to post for you:
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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Wednesday WHY?! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! 

On tap for this week…WHY on some nights is there NOTHING to watch & other nights there are a million things to watch?! Over Christmas break there was not a thing on, because all the shows took breaks. I don’t understand this. You KNOW people are at home watching TV & couldn’t you have taped some episodes? COME ON! For example: Monday nights.

7:00-9:00=the Bachelor
7:00-9:00=the Biggest Loser
9:00=Vanderpump Rules
9:00-10:00=Pawn Stars
11:30=Jimmy Fallon
I know, I could solve this by not watching any. Yeah right! I had to remove some shows from my DVR, because it will only record 2 at once. SAD DAY! But let’s be honest, I don’t have time to watch TV with school starting, so BYE BYE shows.

Secondly, Marcy over at the Mustache Diaries had this to say for her Wednesday WHY?!: WHY do people at work use the restroom as their personal office space? This is the BATHROOM! THIS IS NOT YOUR OFFICE! Like get the job done & move on. She tells me that people will set up a work space on the bathroom couch! Stop doing this ladies!

I personally cannot stand when people are on the phone in the bathroom. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Do you not have 5 minutes that you can not be on the phone? And that’s like the gym…why do you come to the gym & text people while on the elliptical?

And lastly, Kayla over at Kouponing Kayla says: people who chew with their mouth open! Thank you, Kayla…I agree. WHY should I have to hear your food being chewed in your mouth? Were you raised in a barn?!

I hope this has been as fun for you as it has been for me. I like to laugh a little. It’s all in fun :)