Happy Saturday!

I have several readers who have children, so I wanted to share a FUN place in Dallas to take the kids. Plus, I have the most adorable nephew, Zaebree, who I can’t wait to take to the Aquarium! By the way, here’s Zaebree & I (he’s in his robot costume, because it was his birthday):

You don’t have to tell me. I know, he’s the cutest thing ever! LOVE that boy! But the Aquarium is so awesome! I actually went there in high school (go ahead, laugh) for a choir trip. It’s open 10-5 daily, so you can really go anytime! It’s perfect in any season. My favorite exhibit is the Penguins at 12 or 4. I think penguins are SO cute how they waddle! Here are some pictures of the Aquarium:

See, I’m not that shallow. I LOVE Dallas for other reasons than just shopping! It really is such a great place to go with the family & learn!
Let me know if you have ever been or are planning to go!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great week & is ready to have a great weekend! Today Allie over at Tales of a Twenty Something is joining up with Brin at Bold Butter Baby to host the Pit & Peak. This post allows you to post your high point (peak) of your week & your low point (pit) of the week. It’s great to be able to know what’s going on in others’ lives & be able to cheer them up or congratulate them based on their pits & peaks! I hope you’ll join in!

Pit: my grandpa having emergency surgery! He had a detached retina in 7 places in his left eye. Thankfully, the surgeon was able to repair it. Now I am playing nurse until I go back to school Monday and giving him countless amounts of eye drops throughout the day. Get well soon, Poppy!

Peak: I have two! I reached 100 GFC followers as you can see! I was so excited to know that people actually read my little blog! I love sharing opinions and thoughts with you all! And second, I set up my sponsor page & got my first sponsors! I have been so blessed to have great blogger mentors & I hope I can share that with others. I love promoting awesome blogs I have come across.

Link up with us & share your pit/peak!

Good morning friends! Today is an exciting day around here. Kendra is guest posting for me about some awesome tools for crafting! Check out her blog & give her some love! Thanks Kendra!

Hi, I’m Kendra from Adventures of Brad & Kendra.  The Cricut and Silhouette Cameo are great tools and work well for all sorts of craft projects.  Below I have a comparison of the two machines and some examples of projects that I have done with them.

I purchased a Cricut Personal a couple years ago on Black Friday.  It was the first time that I ever got up early and stood in line waiting for a store to open (although the store didn’t open until 6am and I was the first one there at 5:30).  I’m still not sure how to use many of the features; and some of the features seem to only work on the higher end model.  About a year ago, I purchased the Silhouette Cameo and absolutely love it.

The main reason that I prefer my Silhouette over the Cricut is because the Silhouette comes with software to design what you want to cut and then send it to the machine.  This allows you to layout the items to maximize the paper and also gives you more fidelity in the size of the font.  Plus, any font that is installed on your computer can be cut using the software.  Silhouette has a shop where you can purchase individual shapes but there are countless free shapes available online.

In addition to paper, the Silhouette also can cut vinyl, heat transfer material and fabric. Probably about 90% of what I cut is vinyl and found that Amazon is a great place to buy it cheaply. I still buy the heat transfer material through Silhouette’s parent company.

I still have my Cricut; but it only gets used when I make chalkboard labels because I have a shape on one of the cartridges that I like to use. 

Below are a few projects that I have done using my Silhouette.

Welcome Sign for the Front Door

Baby Onsie with Iron On Retro Glasses

Vinyl Wall Decal

Honey Do Lists Using Square Frames

Welcome Mat

Etched Dollar Store Glasses

Well, I can definitely say I need one of these machines, don’t you?!