This post is sponsored by Biore, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy (almost) weekend. Ok, who are we kidding…it’s only Wednesday. I like to pretend it’s the weekend starting every day after Monday ;) As usual I’ve been super busy with what seems like zero to negative free time. Thankfully, I’ve gotten some “me” time lately and I’ve celebrated by pampering myself. Biore has a couple of products that I’ve been using for years. When I heard that I got to work with them, I literally screamed out loud. I have some major love for Biore products.

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TIP: If you want to dig deep into pores, grab the charcoal. Now, I wouldn’t recommend the kind you use for cookouts. Look for products with activated charcoal that will gently unclog pores leaving your skin squeaky clean.

Why I love this brand: Bioré has products that actually work! Remember, work smarter not harder. The products are affordable AND available in the drugstore.

biore, biore charcoal, charcoal mask, charcoal nose pore strip, clear blackheads, blackheads, skincare

Why I love the 1 minute mask: this mask has warming effects that feel SO good after a long day at work. Even with my busy schedule, I have at least 1 minute to take care of my skin.

Why I love the charcoal pore strips: you can actually SEE results. Some people may be grossed out by it, but I personally love seeing all the blackheads getting obliterated by these strips. I’m also that girl who watches Dr. Pimple Popper videos, ok?!

biore, biore charcoal, charcoal mask, charcoal nose pore strip, clear blackheads, blackheads, skincare

TRAVEL TIP: The self-heating 1 minute masks come individually packaged, so throw them in your carry on before your next trip ;)

Be sure to head to the drugstore and grab some Biore products. Let me know how you like them!

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*This post has been sponsored by the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask. All opinions are my own.*

With the holidays right around the corner, beauty has really been on my mind. I think at the end of each year, I tend to look back on how I changed. This year, I’ve been making an effort to take better care of my skin. I feel like we pretty much skipped fall and went straight into winter. There is nothing more important than keeping your skin moisturized in the cold weather! Today I wanted to share my experience with a new tool I got, the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask.

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

First of all, I feel like I should be singing a song about magic because that’s what this mask is. I have to admit that I was skeptical if the magnet would really even work at taking the mask off. Well, I can tell you that it worked perfectly. It was seriously mesmerizing to watch! The packaging is beautiful, and is perfectly boxed.

As you know, I turned 30 this year. I wanted to crawl under a rock, but I don’t figure that will make me any younger ;) One of the major ways to prevent wrinkles is through hydrated, moisturized skin.

So, how does this product work? I’m glad you asked! I did some pretty extensive research before slathering this product all over my face. I’m a chemistry nerd, so I know that this product must be iron-rich. I was right. This is what makes the mask able to dip deep into pores and dig out impurities. With the included magnet wand, you get to watch the magic. What I love about this mask kit is that it comes with covers for the magnet wand. Other products do not, so this definitely is a game-changer. No more mask all over your hands and under your nails!

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

What are the ingredients? Here’s a photo that shows just which botanical oils are in this mask:

onyx youth magnet mask, face mask, mask, magnet mask

The mask also contains all-natural Korean volcanic minerals and an anti-aging amino acid complex. Keep in mind that this mask is safe for even the most sensitive skin types (like mine).

How can I purchase this kit? I’ve got a special deal for you. Use code “bemagnetic” here to receive 20% off your kit. #MagnetBeauty

What if I have questions? I know that any of your friends or ladies in your family would love to try out this mask! It makes a great gift. If you have any questions about my experience or want to know more, email me or contact me on Twitter!

Thank you so much to Onyx for my super soft & hydrated skin!



(photos by D. Keener Photography)

Hey y’all! I’m SO excited to be back on the blogging train. I have been so busy traveling and working & getting back in the swing of school!

Let’s talk all about skin care today! We all know my skin needed a major rejuvenation after all of this traveling (AND pollution in China!), so I wanted to share an amazing new product line with you all called RevelationsRX.

skincare, revelationsRX, anti-aging, skin, face mask

This company was kind enough to send me two boxes: firming & anti-aging and crow’s feet & fine lines. I think it’s important to get ahold of my skin at an early age before it gets too out of control. As a future pharmacist, I also think it’s important to be sure to wear sunscreen and take care of your skin. The de-puffing around my eyes was a complete transformation for me & I’m so happy.

Winter is a big time that skin can get dry & flaky. Thanks to RevelationsRX, the firming & anti-aging kit helped to protect, tone, and restore my skin back to its original state! What’s great about these products is they will supplement your already existing skincare routine.

The tough outer layer of skin has always been a barrier to effective skin rejuvenation, preventing topical products from penetrating to the source of most skin concerns. RevelationsRX breakthrough technology overcomes this challenge by delivering more nourishing ingredients to the deeper layer that needs it most. These patented serums, born out of wound healing science, offer a remarkable improvement in the appearance and rejuvenation of skin.

Science Behind RevelationsRX
• Patented Cell penetrating technology surround and protects key ingredients, transporting large amounts of vitamins and nutrients to the deep layers of the skin, targeting concerns and rejuvenating
• RevelationsRX delivers our serum in two unique ways – biocellulose masks and targeted serum Rollers: RevelationRX’s unique mask delivery system enables more proven serum ingredients to drench the face more quickly. And the targeted serum rollers maintain results between treatments with no mess or waste.

There are three items that I received:

1. Full Face Mask (firming & anti-aging)

face mask, anti-aging, face, facial mask, skincare

2. Eye Mask (Crow’s feet & fine lines)

3. Targeted Eye Serum Rollers (both firming/anti-aging & Crow’s feet/fine lines)

skincare, anti-aging, face mask, facial mask, face

The advantages of biocellulose masks:
• natural mask derived from coconut fibers conforms gently to skin
• delivers more proven ingredients directly to the skin (a whole bottle of serum in under an hour)
• calming and cooling

The advantages of anytime serum roller Serums:
• Easy and targeted delivery right to the desired area
• Maintains and optimizes results
• No mess or waste

The ingredients in RevelationsRX products are scientifically proven and natural. RevelationsRX products are free of parabens, dyes, sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and gluten. We also formulate without UREA, DEA or TEA.

These products have SAVED my face after my journey halfway across the world to China. Winter & pollution have nothing on me now! Do you want to try RevelationsRX? Here’s a great deal for you:

Receive $15 off each item when you make your first purchase 
+ a free trial of the complementary mask (retail value of $15).  

Use code “LQ02″ at checkout here!

(For example, buy an anti-aging full face mask, get $15 off and a free Crow’s feet eye mask set!)

*Thanks to RevelationsRX for sponsoring today’s discussion.*