Happy December y’all. My all-time favorite month is finally here! I can’t wait for fires in the fireplace, continued marathons of Hallmark Christmas movies, and hot cocoa on the daily! I’ve finished almost all of my shopping, but I have a couple of gifts left to buy. I wanted to share a great gift idea with you today: JORD watches.

To start, I needed to pick out a watch that would fit my style/aesthetic. I chose the “Cassia” in Zebra & Ivory. You can see my watch details here! If I could describe this exact watch in one word, it would be classic. My watch goes with everything!

THREE reasons I love JORD watches:

{ONE} You can personalize them any way you want

As you can see in the below photo, I chose to have a quote engraved on the back of my watch. I wanted something that really spoke to me on a daily basis. It’s actually the quote that motivated me to start a blog in the first place: “Act like a lady, think like a boss.” In today’s world, I think there’s a stigma about certain jobs women can have. Over half of my graduating pharmacy school class was women. We are powerful, and we need to shine in the work place. This watch gives me confidence to wake up each day and give it my all.

{TWO} The watches are high-quality

I was impressed by the overall feel and look of the watch when it arrived on my doorstep. The included wood box that the watch is housed in is a nice touch. I keep my watch stored in this box so it won’t get dirty and dusty.

{THREE} Customer service is top-notch

From the very beginning, the customer service team was available to answer any and all questions I had. From sizing to colors, JORD is really helpful to customers. Their website is easy-to-use and they have made it simple to find what you are looking for quickly. PS did I mention FREE shipping worldwide?!

To celebrate the holiday season, JORD is giving Rebekah Elizabeth readers 25% off! Please visit this link to get your personalized coupon code emailed to you ;) You can also simply slick on the below photo to be taken directly to the link.

Wooden Wrist Watch

Thanks for reading! Be sure to let me know which JORD watch you choose! XO,


(photos by D. Keener Photography)

*Thank you to JORD watches for sponsoring this post. All opinions & thoughts are my own.*

Hey y’all! I have kind of a different post to share today. I didn’t have any intention of even sharing this, but I was happy with the outcome so I will. The Holidays are fast approaching (my fave time of the year), so I wanted to share an easy, inexpensive gift idea with you. This DIY will take under 15 minutes & is SO cute!

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Tomorrow is my last day of my 5th rotation. It has FLOWN by, and I can’t believe it’s already the end of October. I wanted to bring a small gift for the pharmacists I work with, so I thought this would be great for the season. Here’s what you will need:

1 cute mug

Box of individually wrapped hot cocoa

Small package of individually wrapped chocolate

Basket bag


1-hole punch

Mini card

First, pick out a super cute mug. I found these plaid mugs at Target for under $3. I would pick something that goes with the season…so with fall arriving, I chose plaid. Then grab a box of single serve hot chocolate packets. I chose the Starbucks hot cocoa packets. There were 8 packets in the box, so I gave each person two packets. I then grabbed a small package of chocolate for each mug. BE SURE that everything you get will fit down in the mug.

I found these clear basket bags at the dollar store. There were two in each package. Now, this is where I will tell you a secret…the bags look HUGE, and you will be tempted to cut them in half but don’t. I have made this mistake more than once. Put each mug down into the bag and fill with goodies. Then pull up the ends and gather on top. Cut some curling ribbon in your favorite colors and tie around the bag where it cinches on the top like I have done in the picture. After you tie, you can now cut the excess plastic bag. Leave enough room that the bag is gathered at the top like this…

under 10 gift idea, mug gift, mug, gift idea, inexpensive gift idea, DIY gift idea

After tying a couple of colors of ribbon, grab a mini card and fill it out and put in the envelope. Make a single hole punch in the top corner and thread through another piece of ribbon. Tie this ribbon with the card close to the center like in the above picture. The card is optional, but I really think it adds a cute touch! AND VOILA! You are done. How adorable is this gift? I would LOVE to receive this and your friends will, too!

Cost breakdown (for each gift):

Mug $3

Hot Cocoa $1.50 (the box of hot cocoa was $6 but came with 8 packets and I put two in each mug)

Chocolate $1

Basket bag $.50 (the package had two bags for $1)

Ribbon $.75 (I got 3 rolls at $1 each)

Mini card $.50 (the package of 8 was $4 + I had some left over!)

Total: $7.25

(Even with tax included, each gift would be below $10 easily)

I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY post. I will be the first person to tell you that this is pretty much the extent of my creativity. I’m just super left brained and not creative at all ;)

Thanks for reading!!