Happy (almost) weekend y’all. I really am sorry that I haven’t been more consistent here on the blog. I have 4 days off in March and no trips planned just so I can get back in the swing of things! I also have to get my taxes done…BLAH. Adulting is no fun sometimes ;) Today I wanted to share one of my favorite haircare/style brands with you and which products I gravitate towards. This post is in no way sponsored, I just happened to have found a brand that I’m fond of for several reasons. Meet Oribe!!!!

oribe, haircare, hair, style, hair style, curls, hair spray

Let’s start way back in Jr. High & High School when I had a definite hate relationship with my hair. I ALWAYS wanted straight hair like my friends. It would take me hours to straighten it, and it would immediately go wavy when I walked outside in the Arkansas humidity. I would go from short hair to long hair and back again. I couldn’t ever really grasp a good hair style for myself. THEN I was in the scrunched curls (with LOADS of gel/mousse) phase. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

oribe, haircare, hair, style, hair style, curls, hair spray

First of all, my smile is the EXACT same. Second, just wow…it’s taken me 30 years to get to a place where I can honestly say I LOVE MY HAIR! Granted, I usually just pull it up in a bun for work every day but I love getting a blow out at DryBar when I’m in Dallas. I’m going to explain more in-depth about my love for the wand I use, but you can shop it here. I have finally figured out how to use it and it creates the most beautiful beachy waves with straight ends…my FAVE!

Back to the brand I wanted to talk about today, Oribe. If there’s a hair care brand on the market, I’ve most likely tried it. I don’t just use one brand on my hair, but I do use several products from several brands. I thought I would share those here on the blog. Specifically today, let’s talk about three issues that Oribe helps me solve:

Dry, Itchy Scalp

products: shampoo + conditioner + leave-in treatment

Oribe just released this new line of “Serene Scalp” products. When I was in Seattle, I tried to find them but no one had them in stock yet. I ordered from the Oribe website immediately and they came in soon after I got home. I guess I never realized how dry my scalp had become until I saw some dandruff on one of my black shirts that I was wearing. I honestly think my hair has become more dry as it’s gotten longer, which makes sense. I use this shampoo and conditioner once weekly and alternate with a moisturizing shampoo + conditioner. This leave-in treatment is hands down my favorite product I’ve used in 2018 so far. It’s got a cooling effect that allows your scalp to relax! It feels amazing after a long day. After I brush out my freshly washed hair, I apply a small amount to several sections of my scalp and rub in. It actually didn’t cause my hair to become oily and it helped relieve itchiness and dryness in just one use.

oribe, haircare, hair, style, hair style, curls, hair spray

Frizzy, Messy Curls

products: curl mousse + texture hairspray

I do still occasionally like to wear my natural curls, especially in the spring when it’s humid and rainy. As my hair has gotten so long, it tends to look messy and unkempt if I don’t use product on it. I apply this curl mousse to dry hair (after letting my hair air dry overnight). I have to use four or five pretty good handfuls to cover all of my hair. I then flip my head over and spray with the texture hairspray. Feel free to use a diffuser if you want, or just scrunch and go! These two products help my hair combat frizzy-ness.

Heat Damage + Dullness

products: soft lacquer

This spray is a two-in-one gem! It’s just sticky enough to hold a style when using a hot tool. When I want to create those classic curls (with a wand), I spray each section and style as normal. It creates beautiful shine without adding a heavy oil to your hair! I like to think of this product as the “top coat” like you would nail polish.

oribe, haircare, hair, style, hair style, curls, hair spray

Even though they aren’t hair products, be sure to try the perfume + body wash as well. Every Oribe product has the signature “cote d’Azur” scent which is like Heaven! It’s a blend of bergamot + white butterfly jasmine + sandalwood.

You can shop all of the products I’ve talked about here:

I hope you guys like these kind of posts. I will be sure to share other brands I’m loving with you, too! Thanks for reading & have a great weekend.




Hey y’all! With cooler temperatures around the corner, I knew I wanted to find a weekly hair routine that I would be able to follow this fall & winter. I work well with a routine in my life. I like to have a plan for the next day before I go to bed. I like to plan out my month ahead of time and update the calendars on my computer every single day. I also have learned that it’s very important to protect your skin and hair from the harsh temperatures BEFORE it gets cold. Take it from me, it’s way easier to keep moisture in your skin and hair than to get moisture back once you’ve lost it. ALL that being said, here’s my current weekly hair routine:

Once weekly: Neutrogena Shampoo + Living Proof hair protector

weekly hair routine, rebekaheliz, neutrogena, shampoo, living proof, night cap, hair protector

NOTHING is better than a product that does exactly what it claims to do. This Neutrogena shampoo is the perfect example. On the box it comes in, it says “use this shampoo once a week to help your favorite shampoo work better”. This is true. I use this shampoo once weekly to get rid of all the buildup in my hair and on my scalp. We are talking dry shampoo, hair spray, you know what I mean ;) What I really like about it is that it’s not drying. It washes out cleanly and is under $5. Since I only use it once weekly, the bottle lasts for a while!

After I brush my hair out, I apply the Living Proof Night Cap Protector. I don’t apply it on my scalp though, because I don’t want it to get oily. It says that you can wash out in the morning, but I leave it in my hair. It keeps my ends hydrated and helps with preventing split ends. Another thing that may not work for everyone but works for me is that I do not dry my hair with a hair dryer. I let my hair air dry and usually go to bed with it wet. I have found that this helps my hair grow and it keeps my hair super healthy. I have to plan pretty well though, because sometimes it means a late night shower when I’m on a trip to prepare for being able to fix it the next morning.

Twice weekly: Redken mask + Matrix shampoo

redken, biolage, matrix, hair routine, hair mask, beauty tip, rebekaheliz, shampoo

This is the “reverse process” that I’ve been talking about on my social media. Since I found this combo, it’s completely changed my hair and how I feel about washing it. It used to be me dreading washing my hair, because then I would have to brush out all the tangles. I’m finding that this routine is helping my hair be way more manageable.

I apply this Redken mask to my hair and let sit for 15 minutes or so. Since I love to take baths, I just apply it right when I get in to damp hair and let it sit. I then rinse it out and wash my hair with this Matrix RAW shampoo. After rinsing, I brush out my hair and let it air dry overnight. With this combo, I can brush my hair out in 5 minutes, when it used to take 15-20.

Hairbrush I use: Wet Brush

This brush saved my life. I tend to get huge knots in my back of my hair around my neck. Thankfully, this brush helps me be able to brush through my hair easily. There are several versions of the wet brush. I’ve tried the original and the shine version. The original works the best in my opinion. Shop the products here:

Keep in mind, I have very wavy hair. My hair is about halfway down my back and is thick. This is the routine that works the best for me. My goals were shiny, voluminous hair that was easy to manage without getting tangly or frizzy. I’m happy to answer any questions you have! Comment below and I will get back to you ;)

Also, I wanted to let you know that since I work better on a strict schedule, I want to (try) to adhere to this schedule here on the blog for now:

Tuesdays: hair/beauty posts

Thursdays: travel posts

Eventually I would like to post more than twice per week, but I think this is a good start to get back into blogging more. Also, there may be other posts throughout the week just depending on what I have going on. Thanks for reading always. I’m so thankful for you!



Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe the weekend is almost here. It’s been a long week ;) Today I wanted to share another hair post, this time on my hair extensions that I received from Irresistible Me! They were so kind to send me a set of hair extensions for me to try out.

irresistible me, hair extensions, irresistible me hair extensions

This post has been a LONG time coming, because I was having trouble figuring out exactly how to make these work. I’m glad though, because now my hair is SUPER long and I was able to create a very natural look with these hair extensions.

My extensions: Medium Brown // 16″ // 140g

Initial reaction: Oh my goodness, these are so dark! I was SUPER scared when I first opened the box, so I had to walk away and come back to them.

Process: I will not pretend to know everything (or even anything) about hair. I have just recently in the past couple of years finally mastered the big, loose wavy curls. I know…it’s sad. When I opened the box, I knew I wanted to curl the extensions with my wand. I curled each piece and let them sit overnight. The curls were loose and wavy. When I was ready to put the extensions in, I curled all of my hair with my wand. Since I was just trying these out, I only added 4 extensions…the single strands (2) and the double strands (2). There are several more strands I didn’t use this particular time.

I clipped in each strand toward the front of my face. I was sure to clip them in so you can’t see them. Since my hair is SUPER dark at the roots with an almost ombre toward the bottom, this medium brown color actual looked amazing. They blended in SO well and ended up giving my hair amazing dimension and volume!


irresistible me hair extensions, hair extensions

Since it’s winter, I think the dimension that the dark strands add is awesome! I totally wish I had taken these extensions to Vegas now!

Final look:

(I wanted to share a photo in a white shirt so you could see just how awesome the extensions look!)

irresistible me, hair extensions, irresistible me hair extensions


hair products, big curls, psssst, chi hairspray, redken, nume magic wand

Products used: Dry Shampoo, Psssst! // Hairspray, CHI (Enviro 54 firm hold) // Root Booster, Redken // Curling Wand, Nume (32mm)

ALSO, you will totally want this lip duo I have on, I’m obsessed with it! Apply one coat of the lip plumper then wait around 1 minute and apply a thin layer of the balm.

lip dior revlon, lip balm, lip plumper, pink

Lip plumper, Dior // Lip Balm, Revlon (color is “elusive”)


If you have any questions, PLEASE email me. I am happy to help you decide on a set of extensions!

*Thank you so much to Irresistible Me for sending me these hair extensions to try! All opinions are my own.*