It’s the little things that can make a room feel shiny and new. Take a look at these quick tips to get you inspired.

Upcycle and rearrange

Giving your home a makeover on a restricted budget can be an advantage as it forces you to take another look at pieces you already have. For instance, that old sofa table could make an excellent bedside table for the kids’ room. You can also upcycle furniture that is looking tired by giving it a coat or two of paint, and give old dining chairs with padded seats a new lease of life by reupholstering the seats using a yard or two of fabric offcuts and a staple gun.

Paint the walls

Short on time? An easy way to transform your room is to paint one or more walls in a different color. If your room is small, choose light, cool colors to make your space seem bigger. If you have high ceilings and a large room, you can afford to be bolder with beautiful, vibrant shades. Alternatively, a monochrome look, achieved by pairing dark charcoal grays with pale neutrals, is very fashionable at the moment. Choose wall art that complements or matches your paint, and accessorize your sofas with luxurious new cushions and throws.

Design a room around a treasured old piece

Perhaps you have a treasured, old piece of furniture that you are not sure looks right in your room. Take a long hard look at all the furniture in the room and decide what colors of wood look good together. Group items according to their color, for example dark brown wood, yellowish, orangey-brown and so on. Be ruthless and remove furniture that doesn’t fit into your overall scheme. You can use it in another room, sell it or donate it to your nearest goodwill. Freshly sanded and waxed floors will ensure a perfect platform for your furniture.

Add color with drapes and cushions

After painting, the next easiest way to change the look of your room is to hang new drapes and choose coordinating soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs and throws. Make your room look more spacious by choosing floor-length curtains: it doesn’t matter if your windows aren’t that big, feature drapes will carry the eye upwards and give a roomier feel. A textured rug is an excellent way to add interest to the scheme, and some new cushions on your sofa will add to both the comfort and beauty of your room.

A lick of paint and strategically placed cushion can make a world of difference, so give it a try and watch your room transform.