Happy Labor Day Monday! I’m currently in St. Louis staying with the Four Seasons. Sadly I have to return to work tomorrow, but I am thankful for the day off! I’m so so happy to have found a really great photographer that I LOVE! I will link her info here on the blog and on social media so you can follow her! Anyways, today I wanted to share my favorite company that I get my nail care and treatments from.

Keep in mind, this post is in no way sponsored. If I had my way I would get my nails done weekly, but I simply don’t have the time. I’ve finally found some great nail care products that I keep purchasing over and over. I thought I would share those with you!

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from left: base coat, oxygen nail treatment, top coat, drying drops

“Stick it to me” Base Coat: I like to think of this as a tape for your nail polish. It helps your nail polish last longer, and it dries fast! My favorite part of this base coat though is that helps your nail polish not stain your nails! Since I like to wear dark black polish, this is key!

Oxygen Nail Treatment: Use this light pink gloss weekly on clean nails. It is the perfect amount of pink & shine to give you a classic barely there polish. It lets your nails breathe and grow healthy! I’ve been using this for over a year, and I can tell that my nails are definitely stronger!

“Freedom Polymer” Top Coat: This is my all-time favorite nail product EVER. It instantly adds an incredibly strong top coat to your favorite nail polish. As soon as your polish is dry, add a layer of this for strength and shine. It has a gel-like appearance, so don’t be alarmed. It helps my polish stay neat for days!

“Ta-Da” Drying Drops: I give this product 10/10 stars for genius! It should be on every single beauty awards list ever. After you apply the polymer top coat, wait a couple of minutes then use 1-2 drops on each nail. It has vitamin E to help nourish and protect. What I also love is that it smells like lavender.

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Be sure to let me know if you’ve tried and love any of these products. I promise that I only share products here that I’ve tried and love! Next Monday I will be sharing my three fave nail polish colors that work year-round.



Photos by: D. Keener Photography


Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend. Today I want to share 10 beauty products that I can’t live without. These are tried and true products that I continue to use over and over! 1, 6, and 10 are drugstore beauty products that are hands down my favorite even over their more expensive counterparts.

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Carmex original lip balm (always get the stick kind!)


Buxom Lip Polish (color: “White Russian”)


Clinique liquid facial soap (I use the “mild” for my combination skin!)


the WetBrush detangling hairbrush


C.O. Bigelow Coconut Body Lotion

(available here!)


Pssssst! Dry Shampoo


CHI Enviro 54 hairspray


Julep TA DA! quick drying drops (sets nail polish perfectly!)


Clinique Blush (color: “New Clover”)


Maybelline FIT me! concealer (color: “Light”)


All products details are here:

*C.O. Bigelow lotion is linked above in #5*








Hey y’all! I’m back from Nashville & I’m super sad about it. I had a BLAST with my besties this weekend. I can’t wait to share posts about our trip. Before I left, I was contacted by a rep from Octer about writing a post. I had never heard of Octer, so I checked them out.

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What is Octer?

Octer is a website that compares prices of multiple retailers and allows you to order from one place. It’s also great, because they have an app! Be sure to download it for iPhone or Android.

How does it work?

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.31.27 PM

Octer is great, because they led me to websites that ship to the US. I was able to compare prices & get the best deal!

What did I order?

Laura Mercier Setting Powder in “Translucent”I have been wanting to try this powder for so long! After this insanely humid weather in Nashville last weekend, I’m even more excited to try it. I have seen this setting powder recommended by several people, so I can’t wait to share my experience.

Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush: I have seen this brush recommended by several bloggers, and I’m excited to try it with the setting powder. I always love getting a fresh new brush!

Julep Ta-Da Drying Drops: LOVE these drying drops. I just finished off my first bottle, so I had to order another one. I paint my nails and wait around 5 minutes. I then add two drops to each nail and wait another minute. These drops perfectly set my nail polish and help it stay for days! It’s very moisturizing to cuticles as well.

octer review, rebekaheliz, julep, laura mercier, sigma

Thank you so much to Octer for allowing me to try out the website & order a few products. All opinions are my own.

PS: If you haven’t entered this giveaway, be sure to get your entries in! It’s simple & the prizes are AMAZING!