I cannot be the only one who is not exactly sure where 2016 went? And the Holidays? Where did they go? It’s almost as if I blinked my eyes and it was already 2017! That’s okay though, because I am going to embrace it. This year, I chose a word that I believe will be the basis of my 2017: FOCUS.

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According to dictionary.com, FOCUS is defined as “a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity”. 

For me, I feel as if I’ve been sort of “going through the motions” for several years now. I was in school for SO long that I developed somewhat of a routine and I stuck to it. We are creatures of habit, and I am one of the world’s worst. I despise change. I LIVE FOR ROUTINE.

But is this always a good thing? I think it was Sunday at church when I really got to thinking. It almost just hit me like a ton of bricks. I stood there for a second and I was just like WOW. This is 2017, this is a new year, and this is a time for change.

I had written on Instagram that I wanted to take more time to stop and look around. As I was visiting the Oklahoma City Memorial on my mini vacation last weekend, I realized that so much life is happening around me. We aren’t guaranteed a single second of our lives. It could all be gone tomorrow, so this year I’m making an effort to FOCUS.

I want to FOCUS on the time at hand. I want to FOCUS on the specific patient I am helping at the time. I want to FOCUS on the meaningful relationships in my life. There are a four ways I want to achieve FOCUS:

*pray daily first thing in the morning & last thing of the day

*have at least 30 minutes of quiet time each day

*quit planning every second of every day

*rely less on my phone

I also wanted to share some other exciting news. 3 friends & I are starting “Whole 30” on Tuesday. We are meeting up on February 10th for a BFF weekend, so we will be on this eating plan for 30 days. I’m SUPER excited and went grocery shopping today. I’m ready to feel more energy and quit eating nasty fast food simply because it’s convenient. If any of you have done the Whole 30, please comment any tips/recipes below ;)

I hope you will join me this new year and FOCUS. Let me know what your resolutions and goals are for this year!



Happy Tuesday y’all! Can you believe that Christmas is 6 days away?! I just can’t even believe it. I am definitely in the Christmas spirit though, because I’ve got all of my wrapping done and it was SOOO cold this weekend. We even got a tiny bit of snow, and I woke up with a smile of my face yesterday morning because of it! I LIVE for winter! I do know though that the holidays can be stressful and so busy for most of us. That’s why several of my blogging friends & I have teamed up for this “New Year, New You” giveaway!

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This gift set has everything you need to start your new year off on the right foot. Included:

LUSH Nevermind The Ballistics Bath Bomb
Jurlique Lavender Essentials Duo
Emily Ley’s Grace Not Perfection
Assortment of Sheet Masks
Assorted Beauty (Makeup & Skincare) Samples
Daily Inspiration Boxed Set
2017 Sugar Paper Planner
Inspirational Mug

I have heard so many amazing things about the Emily Ley book, and I’ve even ordered it for myself. I have declared that in 2017, I will make more time for myself and be more positive. Who’s with me? ;)

This bath bomb + lavender kit are such to make your at-home spa night a success. And speaking of 2017, who wants to be more organized? This adorable planner will help you do just that!

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You can enter using the Rafflecopter below & GOOD LUCK!

(giveaway will run through December 31st, 2016)

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