Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend y’all! Today I want to share with you my new BFF: The Bouqs!

What is The Bouqs? I’m SO glad you asked. Straight for their website:

“In short, prior to us, buying flowers online SUCKED. No more! We don’t believe it’s necessary to build tricks or half-truths into a customer experience to get someone to buy a product. Maybe that used to be the case, but with us it will never be. We believe we can be straightforward and honest and still build a really great business. Being good to the customer is not antithetical to financial success. The two are, actually, best friends.

We think of our customers as friends. Think about it: giving the gift of flowers is kind. It’s nice. It’s thoughtful. We like people that are these things – and that’s what you’re here to do. We love that! We will treat you as part of the family in every way we possibly can, and we will help you show love to those around you through flowers.

Love. An easy word to throw around. But we honestly love this stuff. Building something new. Changing the way something is done. Maybe we’re not changing the world, but we’re making it easier for you to send a meaningful message via flowers. And that’s pretty cool.”

best pic the bouts

When The Bouqs contacted me about a review here on the blog, I was ecstatic. I’m such a girly girl and flowers are the perfect addition to any every room in my house. I headed on over to the website & immediately chose the “Great Pumpkin” bouq, because I’m ALL about orange for fall! I also chose this bouq, because lilies were my mom’s favorite flower <3

bouqs 6

When your Bouqs arrive, it’s awesome because they come in a super cute box & are packed perfectly.

bouqs 1

Also, they provide instructions for those of us (ME) who need a little guidance in putting flowers in a vase.

the bouts 8

bouqs 5

Then, the fun begins! You get add your flowers to a vase & watch the magic happen. My bouq started to bloom immediately overnight! Here’s what I got…

bouqs 3

And the prettiness continued…

bouqs 4

I added some super cute (DOLLAR TREE) ribbon for a cute added pop to the clear vase. I’m in love with the maroon/orange color combo I’ve got going on here.

Vase=$1. Ribbon=$1. My bouq=PRICELESS. 

I’ve put these blooms in almost every room in just two days. I seriously LOVE staring at these amazingly beautiful flowers! I LOVE THE BOUQS.

Why I LOVE The Bouqs:

#1 reason: They work exclusively with farms that are independently certified by 3rd party agencies such as Veriflora and The Rainforest Alliance as being sustainable and eco-friendly. Also, their farm-direct method ensures that stems are not wasted in the supply chain, while other suppliers can waste up to 1 of every 3 stems. Further, partner farms provide services like living wages, childcare, healthcare, and adult education for their workers. You can definitely feel good about shopping at The Bouqs!

-ALWAYS free shipping

-super helpful/entertaining customer service team

-they look GREAT in any room

-they provide smiles to those you’re sending them to

-these flowers are picked from the side of AN ACTIVE VOLCANO

If I haven’t convinced you with the sheer GORGEOUS nature of these flowers, then I have a deal that’s even sweeter: FREE UPGRADE (double the blooms) for your orders! Simply enter “DOUBLEUP” as the promo code here!

OH and before I forget, check out the Concierge Service where you can save up to 25% for having bouqs delivered automatically. Check out the Concierge Service!

Be sure to follow The Bouqs on social media (THEY ARE SO FUN!):


(HINT: some FAB celebrities have received Bouqs and they LOVE them! I LOVE seeing what celebs pick!)

bouqs 7

*Thank you SO much to The Bouqs for sending me amazing flowers for review! I love your company & all it stands for. All opinions are my own.*