Happy Wednesday y’all. I know it’s been a while! Life has been so busy. I was lucky enough to have last weekend off and as you may remember, we were supposed to go to Chicago for a BFF weekend! Well…pretty much a blizzard happened. Jenn, Ricci, and I were frantically trying to figure out what to do. Since we are from different parts of the country, it didn’t end up working out for all of us to change our flight. However, my bloggy BFF Ricci and I were able to get our flights changed to SEATTLE! That’s right, home of Grey’s Anatomy AND Fifty Shades, we got to visit a new state and a whole new part of the US. Here’s my weekend getaway recap.

Where We Stayed

I only had about 24 hours to choose a hotel, and I have to admit I think I did a great job. We knew where most of our activities were going to be, so we chose to stay at The Thompson in downtown Seattle near Pike Place Market.

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, thompson hotel

Also, there’s a really cool place to relax on the rooftop. Be sure to check out the amazing views of downtown!

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, thompson hotel

Where We Ate

Remember in Sleepless in Seattle when Tom Hanks is sitting on a bar stool getting advice? That’s right, we had our first lunch at this very location, The Athenian, in Pike Place Market.

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market

We had some of the BEST pizza I’ve ever tasted from Pagliacci Pizza. I recommend the Caesar Salad, too. If you know me, you know I had to find some Mexican food in Seattle. We had some yummy chips & salsa at Mexico Cantina while shopping.

Where We Played Tourist

We kept hearing many people talk about the underground tours around Seattle. We decided to try out the tour in Pioneer Square. WOW…I never knew there was so much interesting history about Seattle. Long story short, they had pipes made out of wood that caused the entire city to be filled with sewage which caused toilets to often explode. The city was actually built a story up on top of the existing city (after the big fire which wiped out town in 1889) which created today’s underground tour location! Do yourself a favor and google the history…it’ll blow your mind!

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, underground tour

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, underground tour

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, underground tour, pioneer square

We saw the prettiest mural outside of Casco Antiguo. The bright colors give me life!

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, casco antiguo

If you are visiting Pike Place Market, we got to see the Gum Wall. That’s right…it’s an entire wall covered in chewed gum. While some may find it gross, I find it totally Seattle.

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, underground tour, gum wall

We then got to experience the very FIRST Starbucks in the Pike Place Market. I got to try out the new Cherry Mocha while being totally basic and visiting this epic landmark!

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, first starbucks

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, first starbucks

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, first starbucks

SPACE.NEEDLE. Pretty much enough said, right? It’s the most iconic building in Seattle, and it gave me all kinds of feels. You know, like the intro to Grey’s and the skyline on Fifty Shades. We went all the way to the top. Even though there was a lot of construction going on, it was beautiful to look out across the Puget Sound and see the incredible Mt. Rainier.

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, space needle

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, space needle

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, space needle

The Columbia Center also has a sky deck with amazing views. We headed to the 73rd floor to look out across Seattle at dark. One of my favorite parts? Seeing the Ferris Wheel in all its lighted glory.

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, columbia center

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, sky deck, columbia center

Where We Shopped

I know that Nordstrom probably isn’t exciting to most of you, but we don’t have Nordstrom in Arkansas. Every time I get the chance to shop it, I jump at it! I (of course) bought a couple of pair of shoes. I snagged these tennies and these Birkenstocks. It’s always a good time to stock up on beauty products when visiting Nordy’s. I will share all of my purchases with you soon ;) Did you know that Nordstrom was founded in Seattle?!

We also HAD to get blowouts because it’s become somewhat of a tradition. I found a lovely location online and booked appointments at SWINK. I highly recommend this salon to get a fierce blowout that can even withstand the Seattle humidity!

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, swink style bar, blowout

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, shopping, nordstrom

After lots of primping and shopping, we had to see the new Fifty Shades installment. I’m not going to go into much detail here, but trust me…it’s by far the BEST one yet. GO SEE IT.

seattle, weekend getaway, travel, wanderlust, pike place market, ootd, LTKcurves

Outfit details: Floral tee // Lace kimono // Jeans // Leopard flats // Crossbody, sold out (similar) // Necklace // Lipstick // Nail Polish

I had a BLAST on my weekend getaway. I really tried to be more “in the moment” on this trip and I think I succeeded. Have you been to Seattle?



seattle, seattle washington, pnw, space needle, starbucks, first starbucks, gum wall, pike place, market, seattle market, weekend trip, seattle weekend

Happy (freezing cold) January 3, 2018! I am so excited that I have FINALLY picked a word out that I want to “live out” in 2018. As you may remember, last year’s word was focus. If you want to read more about last year’s word, see this post! I spent a lot of time really thinking about this year and what I want to accomplish. That’s why I finally chose the word for 2018…drum roll please…DREAMS. That’s right, not one dream but multiple…with an “s”.

dreams, 2018, new year, goals, life, blog

I’ve always been a big dreamer. I’ve always loved learning and exploring. One of my favorite sections here on the blog is travel. Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the country or go on an extravagant trip to explore. Some of my very favorite trips in 2017 were to smaller towns. Also remember to visit places seasonally. I LOVE looking at changing trees and Christmas lights.


Last year was really difficult losing my grandma. Come to think of it, it’s been a rough 5 years losing my mom and grandma. I often find myself catering to others ALL the time. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing. However, when it comes down to the fact that I NEVER have any time to myself, I realized that I needed to make a change. Reflecting on my thirty years so far, I’ve really changed. I used to be super dependent on people and could not stand being alone. As I’ve gotten older, I have really learned to enjoy taking time for me and having “me” time. Whether it be going to a movie or a solo road trip, alone time is very important.


I have started working with a blog consultant. I’m pretty serious when I say that I want to grow and expand the blog quite a bit in 2018.

The plan is to produce regular blog posts on Mondays & Wednesdays going forward! You will see a mix of style and beauty on these days. I will also be weaving in travel posts when I return from a trip. I will alert you of those posts via social media.

A weekly newsletter, Week in REview, will go out each week that will recap what was on the blog, current sales, or any news I need to alert you of ;)


Throughout the last month, I’ve been working on narrowing down my goals for my little corner of the Internet. As of now, the focus will be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here’s what you will find on these platforms:

Facebook: Blog post recaps, “Fashion Friday”, gif’s I’m laughing at, polls

Instagram: Outfit of the day posts with my photographer, beauty products I’m loving, my fave photos from my blog posts

Twitter: Lots of polls, RT’s from my favorite bloggers, my opinion of TV shows I’m watching (NCIS, the Bachelor, Relationshep)

Also, be sure you’re following along on Bloglovin’ & LikeToKnowIt.

Bloglovin’: A handy website where you can see all of my posts in one place. You can also discover blogs that are similar to mine.

LikeToKnowIt: A handy tool that I often use in my Instagram posts. Here you can see all photo details in one place and shop! Did you know there’s also an app? Be sure to download the app & follow me “rebekaheliz” to get updates ;)


 I have some pretty big dreams and most involve some sort of traveling. I have been out of the country several times, but I have several more places I want to see. If you’ve been a reader here for a while, I have traveled several places in the US with my bloggy BFF’s. We already have five trips planned for 2018:

Chicago (February)

Maroon 5 in Dallas (June)

Texas Tech game in Lubbock (September)

Ed Sheeran in Dallas (October)

Texas Tech game in Dallas (November)

From this list, it’s obvious that I gravitate toward three things: beautiful men, football, and Texas. But guess what? I have no shame!

I also have three other places that are on my list (for sure!) to travel this year:

California coast (April or May)

Salt Lake City/Park City (August)

Vancouver & Whistler (December for Christmas)

As you can see, cold weather does not scare me away. I DREAM of Whistler at Christmas, and next year I’m going to make it happen.

Now for the FUN, I’m going to be doing a giveaway every Friday in January. I wanted to give back to my readers who made Rebekah Elizabeth what it is today. I can’t wait to share our DREAMS together this year. Each week will be a surprise but trust me, you’ll want to tune in.

THANK you for reading and following my journey here on the blog. I can’t wait to see where my DREAMS take me this year.




Happy New Year y’all! I can’t believe that it’s already 2018. Where in the world did the time go? I wanted to take some time to reflect back on 2017 and share my accomplishments. Be sure to check back tomorrow as I highlight my goals/thoughts for 2018!

year in review, 2017, blog review, style, travel, rebekaheliz

Here is my year in review for 2017:

Personal accomplishments

Pharmacist: I passed my boards and became a licensed pharmacist in the state of Arkansas on January 27, 2017! I attended school for many years, and this was by far the greatest personal accomplishment in my life so far.

Turning 30: I turned 30 in October. While I was a little hesitant about my age, I choose to see this as simply the next page in the book of my life.

Blog accomplishments

I hired a photographer and a blog consultant. I will be explaining more tomorrow in my 2018 post, but I really took a leap of faith this year. I came to the realization that if I really wanted to grow the blog, I needed to create the best content possible and deliver it to the best of my ability. Since I wanted to for sure bring more outfits to the blog, I knew I needed a photographer to bring my outfits to life. Darcy has been amazing in capturing exactly what my vision was with different outfits. A couple of my favorite outfit posts are here and here!

Favorite places I traveled

OKC: Oklahoma City is thankfully only around 5 hours for me as a road trip. This was my first time to visit. I was thankful to be able to stay with the Renaissance near Bricktown! I had the cutest little balcony on my room and the beds were SO cozy. I can’t wait to go back. Blog posts:

OKC Girly Things to Do

Renaissance OKC Hotel Review

Memphis: Tennessee really got to see the best of my blog friends Ricci and Jenn. We all three got to meet up and see where Elvis lived! Y’all I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t so sure that visiting Graceland was really up my alley but it was so fun! I really got into it! Blog post:

Memphis Road Trip Recap

Nashville: The Tennessee adventures continued when we visited Nashville. Jenn lived in the most fun neighborhood, the Gulch! It was so great to explore the city with my BFF’s. Blog post:

Nashville Road Trip Recap

St. Louis: I had the privilege of working with the Four Seasons in St. Louis this year. When I was younger, I visited the Arch but it had been many years. I had the most amazing view in my room, and I was so excited to relax and see fireworks during Labor Day weekend. Blog posts:

Four Seasons STL Hotel Review

St. Louis Eats

Favorite Products

More product reviews are coming in 2018, but here are my favorite go-to products that I use everyday:

I have really enjoyed engaging with my readers on various forms of social media and here on the blog. If you have post ideas you’d like to see in 2018, be sure to email me! I will be back tomorrow with a blog post about 2018 and what I plan to share here on the blog.