In light of recent winter storm watches being issued, I better be finding you guys some accessories for the COLD. Who are we kidding? I already have a list of things I need want for winter.

One great invention that is all over the market this winter is TEXTING gloves. I mean seriously it’s like two great things in one: still being able to text & keeping you warm. #winning Check out these cuties from Maurices…they are only $14 and are also 30% right now! GET THEM!

One the subject of two great things in one…J.Crew + Sperry. I mean talk about a homerun?! I’ve been obsessing over these boots for about a month…they look like the perfect match for a little snow on the ground and 20 degree temperatures!
My mom would always tell us, “now when you get inside from playing in the snow, leave those boots at the door!” But mom, my feet will FREEZE. Well, fear not, leave these adorable Make + Model slippers at the door and change into them after taking off those boots!
Oh scarves. While most of them are SO cute, are they really going to keep you warm? No. But this one will. And best of all, it’s $7! Love Forever 21, even if I’m not 21. (And it’s got a hint of sparkle, duh!)

Since it’s not cold year-round here, it’s hard for me to spend a lot of money on cold weather accessories. But none of these will break the bank (besides those Sperry’s ;)) which is great!
Any other accessories I should check out before this snow storm?!