Gift Guide: The World Traveler

Thanksgiving is almost here! 5 days until major traveling starts for so many people. I wanted to use the weekends here on my blog to introduce gift guides that will help you in your holiday shopping. I know how much gift guides help with my shopping, so I figured I would help you out as well. I will be having a new gift guide here on the blog every weekend until Christmas, so I hope you enjoy. First up is a gift guide for the world traveler:

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from top left:

phone charger // travel wallet // passport holder // jewelry case // drawstring travel bags // rollerball perfume // travel organizer       DryBar travel set // foldable flats // mask & blanket set // travel journal // airplane mode travel kit

As I’ve gotten older, I am realizing more and more that I LOVE to travel. Recently I’ve been on trips to Dallas, Houston, and Lubbock. Are we seeing a Texas trend here?

These items are all guaranteed to make traveling a breeze and your globe trotting BFF will thank you.

The last trip, I took two external phone chargers. I love that they are portable, and this one from Sonix is adorable! I took this Henri Bendel wallet & jewelry case on my last trip, and they keep me organized on the go.  They are high quality leather as well which is nice. You can get them monogrammed, too!

Hands down my favorite perfume of all time is Euphoria. It smells DIVINE, and you don’t get overpowered by the smell. It lasts all day! The rollerball version travels well, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Don’t forget to throw in a pair of foldable flats on your next trip. I took two pairs of these to Houston, and I’m thankful I did. They don’t take up a lot of room in your bag, and they are super comfortable. Also, who wants to put dirty shoes in your luggage with your clothes? Not me. I love these drawstring bags to keep your bag clean & organized.

Lastly, never forget a travel journal to write down all of your memories from your trips. You never know when those will come in handy ;) Monogram this journal for you or your BFF!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out today’s gift guide for the world traveler!

Shop all items here:

I will be back next weekend with another gift guide! If you have any specific wishes for gift guides, let me know in the comments below :)

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14 thoughts on “Gift Guide: The World Traveler

  1. All of these are right up my alley! Euphoria is pretty much my go to perfume as well. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Such cool ideas! I especially like that travel journal! I need to start keeping up with journaling, it really is a fun hobby and it’s so great to be able to read things you forget about later on.

  3. Ooooh I love those foldable flats and that travel wallet! We’re super frequent travelers so these are actually some really great picks. I’m totally sending this to the hubs for me! lol

  4. Apart from the travel journal I seem to have all of these as I am constantly traveling and need to have things like my portager charge, documents/passport wallet etc. Lovely gift guide

  5. That phone charger needs a home! I love how girly it is yet also super functional.

  6. I don’t travel, mainly because I have kids and plane tickets for four is very expensive. If I were alone, oh you bet ya! I’d visit my friends in Seattle and TN and New York. One day though when my kids are old enough to stay home alone, I’ll travel and do things like this. So I say enjoy them before you are tied down. You will have a lot to tell about one day and will be thankful for the memories.

  7. These would be really helpful gift ideas for the travelers on my gift giving list. I can see how any of them could put the drawstring travel bags to good use.

  8. LOVE this list!! I see a few things I need like those foldable flats and super cute passport holder!! Great post!!

  9. A phone charger is a must have when traveling and these gift ideas are great choices for travelers. I would love a pair of foldable flats because there is nothing like getting tired feet when you are in the airport.

  10. These are really great gift ideas for people who love or have to travel! I love the drawstring travel bags and the airplane mode travel kit.

  11. Omg so many great gift suggestions!!!! I’m loving that airplane mode bag!!! Too cute! I need one of those!

  12. These are the of the best Traveler gift ideas I have seen. Thank you for sharing I have a couple of travel bloggers on my shopping list this year.

  13. I have friends who travel a lot and it would be awesome to get them one or two of the items on this list. I think the items that you picked aren’t just useful but adorable as well!

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