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How To Clean a Hard Shell Suitcase

On my last trip to New Orleans for work, I ended up having to check my carry on suitcase on the way home. I had collected way too many papers and items from the conference. I am into neutrals, and I have a taupe/tan colored suitcase. Well, if you’ve ever watched them load bags onto the plane…you know how they just get thrown around! Not much care is taken with these bags, so they get super dirty.

I decided I wanted to clean my suitcase up real well. I used: 3 drops of dish soap in a large bowl of water and a magic eraser. I’ll leave the before and after photos down below, so you can see the magic for yourself!

TIP: Before starting, wipe down entire bag with a damp paper towel to remove dirt and debris. Deep scuffs will require a little elbow grease with the magic eraser. Just squeeze out the excess water before scrubbing.

If you want details on the exact products I use and the suitcase I have, find them below!

Let me know if you try this method and how well it works.

XO, Rebekah

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