Super sorry this is a day late! The holidays have been CRAZY! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I even got a white Christmas so I can’t complain!!!! 

So for the Wednesday WHY (on Thursday)…

**WHY when you spend ALL that time buying presents for kids (in my case a nephew) do they always want to play with the wrapping instead of the actual present? I think it’s quite hilarious. Z didn’t do this as much this year as he has in the past, but I have seen so many kids throw presents in the floor and play with the bag they came in, boxes they came in, or especially bows! I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this! 

And to add to my post thought, I found some awesome wrapping ideas on Pinterest. If the kids are gonna play with it, it might as well be worth their while (and yours!). I have convinced myself that next year I WILL learn to wrap cute! And it’s never too early to start planning for next year, right? Only 363 shopping days until Christmas ;)

~ONE: fabric wrapping! GREAT idea, because fabric is always adorable. And you can find it on sale a lot of times, so it would be good to stock up on cute patterns!

DIY Fabric Inspired Gift Wrap #christmas

~TWO: fingerprint Christmas light wrap. UM CUTE?! This is perfect because it does not have to be perfect. And everyone loves a little homemade!

Fingerprint Christmas Light Wrap!

~THREE: initials on brown paper. If there’s one thing you’ll learn about me, it’s that I LOVE monogramming & initials! I actually printed some initials for some wrapping this year on white gift bags, but this is way better!

Brown wrapping paper + Initials. Christmas wrapping :) christmas-christmas-christmas

 via Kerri Shelton 
Now is a great time to stock up on wrapping supplies! Head out to your local Target or Wal-Mart and see what they have to offer! What are your favorite wrapping ideas?! I would LOVE to see pictures! 

And, tomorrow I’m going to share some gifts that I made for Christmas! Come back then! 

In light of recent winter storm watches being issued, I better be finding you guys some accessories for the COLD. Who are we kidding? I already have a list of things I need want for winter.

One great invention that is all over the market this winter is TEXTING gloves. I mean seriously it’s like two great things in one: still being able to text & keeping you warm. #winning Check out these cuties from Maurices…they are only $14 and are also 30% right now! GET THEM!

One the subject of two great things in one…J.Crew + Sperry. I mean talk about a homerun?! I’ve been obsessing over these boots for about a month…they look like the perfect match for a little snow on the ground and 20 degree temperatures!
My mom would always tell us, “now when you get inside from playing in the snow, leave those boots at the door!” But mom, my feet will FREEZE. Well, fear not, leave these adorable Make + Model slippers at the door and change into them after taking off those boots!
Oh scarves. While most of them are SO cute, are they really going to keep you warm? No. But this one will. And best of all, it’s $7! Love Forever 21, even if I’m not 21. (And it’s got a hint of sparkle, duh!)

Since it’s not cold year-round here, it’s hard for me to spend a lot of money on cold weather accessories. But none of these will break the bank (besides those Sperry’s ;)) which is great!
Any other accessories I should check out before this snow storm?!

I decided to start a weekly posting entitled “THE WEDNESDAY WHY?!”

Each week I will post things that have occurred over the past week that confuse me or frustrate me. Some weeks I may have one, some I may have more than one. I hope this will be funny.

This week:

**WHY does it seem that everytime I make a playlist on my iPhone does it always play the song I really want to hear last?! I know, I know. I could just choose the song I want to listen to. Choosing playlists is a BIG deal for me. I only have like 10 on my phone, because it takes a special song to make it onto one of my playlists. Like my GYM playlist…I just added “I Cry” by Flo Rida. I was so excited to go to the gym with my “new” playlist and was expecting to hear “I Cry” pretty soon. 14…that’s right FOURTEEN songs later I heard it. By that time I was seriously ready to leave the gym or even better, throw my phone out the window.

Do you guys have any specific happenings that frustrate you?!