Hi y’all! I hope you have had a great weekend. It’s totally been snowy the past few days, so I thought I would share a total wanderlust post featuring 4 perfect road trip destinations for you & your BFF’s. Also, let’s just forget I used the term “road trip,” because driving is SO not the fastest way to get to some of these places.

to mr. and mrs. peter richardson

The best part? They all have warm, sunshine-y weather on the horizon!

Quick note: I would like to start a series of posts under the category of “Wanderlust.” What’s interesting is that I must’ve missed the vocab lesson on the fact that there was a word for the desire to travel the world. So, here’s to me learning what “wanderlust” means & a series of posts that are either on my #bucketlist or my checked off bucket list!

{Marfa, Texas}

marfa, map, marfa texas, prada marfa, prada, prada museum

You can thank the lovely Courtney Kerr for putting this on my radar. She visits Marfa in her show, Courtney Loves Dallas, and takes pictures here with her BFF’s. There is a free-standing Prada store in this tiny little town in Texas. A. PRADA. Of course, it’s only a museum but who are we kidding? Talk about every girl’s dream. My bloggy BFF Ricci & I want to go to Marfa ASAP.

{Charleston, South Carolina}

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To me, there is nothing I love more than a good dose of southern, laid back culture in a city filled with history. There are so many adorable houses I want to look at, as well as great shopping/spas. And who really wants to take their boyfriend/husband shopping with them? No one. So, send the boys off to golf while you and your BFF do some retail therapy! And get a facial (and massage) while you’re at it.

If anyone is from Charleston or has visited, let me know in the comments which spa is your favorite.

{Malibu, California}

I have never been to California! Until my recent Vegas trip, I had never really even been close. There’s something about that Pacific Ocean that has my name all over it. I think it would be so much fun to get in a convertible and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway with no plans and nowhere to be. A little part of just freaked out about that last sentence with the “no plans” business, but maybe we all need to let down our hair every once in a while.

malibu, pacific coast highway, california, malibu PCH, malibu california, PCH

and the splurge…

{Nevis, West Indies}

nevis, west indies, nevis west indies, st kitts, st kitts west indies, nevis island, nevis beach, blue sky, crystal water, ocean

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Hi paradise, nice to meet you. Ok I know, this is a total dream location & you can’t exactly get there by a “road trip.” It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime vacations that I can only dream about. But what fun is it to not dream? I only know of one person who has ever been here, but apparently the water really is THAT clear. And look at those blue skies? Talk about gorgeous. I’m pretty sure even if I was only able to spend 24 hours in Nevis, it would totally be worth it. What do you think?

If you want to check out more of my #bucketlist destinations, I have pinned some to my Pinterest that you can check out here! I have also started a #bucketlist here on my blog so check that out, too!

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PS: if you would like to do a guest post featuring a wonderful place you’ve traveled or want to travel, email me at rebekahelizblog@gmail.com & we can schedule it! I absolutely love getting to know my readers & what they like. Can’t wait to see what’s on your #bucketlist.


Happy weekend everyone! I’m back today to share what I found to be the best shopping in Vegas. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my overall Vegas recap post!

I really didn’t have much of an idea what to expect about shopping in Vegas. Let’s be honest, I had never been there before and Las Vegas in general is a pretty overwhelming concept. I did know that I wanted to buy a souvenir in Vegas, and I had the intention of it being a cardholder. (I don’t carry large wallets usually, so a cardholder is the perfect answer!)

What I learned: Most of the shopping at the hotels became repetitive. For example, the shops inside the Bellagio were pretty much the same shops that we found inside the Aria (The Shops at Crystals). These were luxury shops that I am definitely not used to seeing here in Arkansas. It’s so fun to go into Louis Vuitton or Chanel and dream! We weren’t shopping for anything in particular, so it was great to just walk into all of these stores I’m not used to seeing. I loved the architecture/design of the Shops at Crystals…

las vegas, las vegas shopping, louis vuitton, aria, shops at crystals

Toward the north end of the strip is the Fashion Show Mall. This is where you can find many different stores including Nordstrom and Neiman’s. You can also find GAP and Tory Burch here. If we had more time in Vegas, we definitely would have spent an entire day (or two) inside this mall! If you’re headed to Vegas with shopping on your mind, this is definitely a great mall to check out. Again, we don’t have Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus in Arkansas at all, so this was a treat!

My advice: If you are headed to Vegas with the specific idea of shopping, sit down before you go and figure out where the stores are that you want to visit. Since we didn’t have a plan, it was great for us to just walk around.

Must-see shopping:

1. The Shops at Crystals inside the Aria hotel

las vegas, las vegas shopping, tom ford, aria, shops at crystals

2. Wynn Esplanade (more on the amazing decor here in a future post!)

3. Bellagio

las vegas shopping, bellagio, shopping, chanel

las vegas, las vegas shopping, bellagio, chanel

Remember, Vegas is HUGE. It can easily be overwhelming. I really liked that we didn’t have an “itinerary” per se, because we were able to walk up and down the strip and take our time. I would definitely recommend this!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email. Thanks for reading!



Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m finally here with my first Vegas post. Today I wanted to recap the trip overall. We will dive more into detail in future posts. ENJOY!

When I first started blogging, I admit I didn’t know what I was doing. I wanted a place to share my life and for it to be an outlet for stress that I was experiencing in pharmacy school. LITTLE did I know that I would meet some of my very best friends through blogging. This past week, I headed to Las Vegas for New Year’s with two of my blogging besties: Ricci + Jenn. About 4 months ago, Ricci got the (genius) idea to go see Maroon 5 on New Year’s Eve. Let me just say up front…MOST EPIC IDEA EVER. If you know me, you know my love for Adam Levine (along with the rest of America)!

Last Wednesday night, Ricci and I packed up and drove to Dallas to spend the night before catching our flight the next morning. Little did I know this was more sleep than I would get for the next 48 hours ;) We boarded our plane the next morning and headed for Vegas!

Flying in was CRAZY. I had no idea that the airport would be SO close to the Strip. It was right in the middle of all the action. We headed to our hotel and Jenn met us there. We had asked our friends for restaurant/tourist recommendations and so we decided on Gordon Ramsay BurGR for dinner.

burgr, las vegas, gordon ramsay burgr

It was delicious. After that, we headed to Mandalay Bay for the Maroon 5 concert. I don’t know that you need much of a recap of the concert…it was absolute perfection.

vegas 2

New Year’s Eve look:

Pink Blouse, Torrid (exact in red + gray & love this pink top)// Black Leggings, Target // Suede Booties, Sole Society & here // Necklace, Charming Charlie (under $20!) // Hairspray, Big Sexy Hair // Root Booster, Redken // Nail Polish, OPI “Alpine Snow”

We watched the fireworks from our hotel room that night and they were gorgeous. Several hotels put on a fireworks show at midnight! The next morning, we slept in pretty late because we had been out so late the night before. HELLO, we had to catch up with Jenn because we hadn’t seen her in like 2 years. (Next time, let’s not wait so long okay?!)

We decided to walk down the entire strip to see what all we could see. Let’s be honest…I was like a kid in a candy store at the shops inside the Bellagio. (We are talking Chanel + LV…I might have even picked up a little souvenir ;)) OH, by the way, the fountains outside the Bellagio are a must-see for the water show that happens throughout the day!

bellagio, las vegas, bellagio fountain, fountain

I’m sure several of you have heard of Serendipity in NYC, but there’s also one here in Vegas. We decided to hit it up that afternoon for some of the famous frozen hot chocolate. We all got different kinds to try!

serendipity, frozen hot chocolate, las vegas

We explored the Strip a lot more and walked through several of the hotels to check out the decor and such. That night, we got tickets to see “O” by Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio. It was an amazing show. The entire set is over water & they literally fly from so high and dive into the water…MUST-SEE!

las vegas, o by cirque du soleil, bellagio, cirque du soleil

We ended up getting back to our hotel at around 1am and had to leave for the airport at 3am. It was a whirlwind trip but I wouldn’t change a thing. It was SO great to catch up with my friends and head to Las Vegas, because I had never been there before.

Be sure to check back for more details about my trip that include what you have to see and do!