The Wednesday WHY?!

Oh boy! I have some hilariousness for you today. [ONE.] WHY?! when you’re driving down the road do people always go SO slow on the double yellow when you can’t pass them, but then SPEED UP to lightning speed when…

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new year new shoes

1. Nike2. Michael Kors3. Jack Rogers4. Sam Edelman5. Minnie Green 6. Sperry7. Vince CamutoHappy New Year everyone. I love shoes. Clearly. So I have picked out some of my favorites for the upcoming year. Some are classic, like the Jack…

Hey, Paige, HEY!

GUEST posting for me today is the lovely Paige! I’m so thankful for her, because she has helped me learn the ropes of this whole blogging thing! She has an AWESOME blog, so be sure to stop by and say…