Being a Pharmacist: How I Became Career-Ready

*Thanks to the Springdale School of Innovation for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts & opinions are my own.*

Hey everyone! Today’s post is a bit different that usual, but I wanted to share a little bit of history on my life and a how education became a huge part of it. I graduated from pharmacy school last May, and I’m currently a registered pharmacist.

Elementary school: I was blessed by parents who were very supportive throughout my school years. My mom was a 4th grade teacher at my elementary school. I had incredible teachers that really developed my love for learning. I grew to know that I loved school. I would look forward to going to school and learning. I quickly realized that I had a passion for math.

Junior High: I found myself wanting to challenge myself. I knew that I would take pre-algebra in 7th grade, and I knew that it would be a challenge. I made some of my best friends in this class, because we all had to work together to get through it. Let’s be honest, math with letters instead of numbers is always interesting ;)

High school: I really started to look toward the future and what I wanted to do with my life. I started working in a local pharmacy, and I FELL IN LOVE. I knew I wanted to be a pharmacist. I soon began to realize that math & science classes would be my foundation to be successful in college. I started loading up on biology, chemistry, and calculus.

Undergrad: I went into the first semester of undergrad as a pre-pharmacy major. I remember walking into the first day of chemistry even to this day. It was so exciting to me to learn all things periodic table. Of course this was inorganic chemistry, and I had no idea what organic chemistry would bring to the table. Speaking of organic chemistry, it was the hardest two semesters of college in my life. It was even harder than pharmacy school.

Pharmacy school: Having worked in a pharmacy starting in high school proved to be very helpful when I got to pharmacy school. Learning the top 200 drugs was a little easier with my past experience. But what continued to help me was the extensive training in math & science that I had. Becoming a pharmacist is a long road, but I would not change it for the world.

Throughout my entire school career, I saw that no two people learn the same way. I even had to change up some of my studying habits as I progressed through school. I was blessed to attend a small, private Christian university for undergrad and pharmacy school. I grew to see the teachers not only as instructors, but also as friends. And my entire organic chemistry class became like family, because we were always studying together.

I wanted to share some information about a new STEM school that has arrived here in Arkansas. By the way, a STEM school stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math”. The Don Tyson School of Innovation is now open in Springdale, Arkansas. This school really got my attention, because I have no doubt that I would have loved to attend a school like this. While I felt prepared for college, there were definitely times that I know this school would have helped me prepare even more.

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

This school doesn’t have typical classrooms with rows of chairs. No, this school is different. It is grounded on the foundation of hands-on learning to prepare its students for the future. I can easily someone like me (who loves to learn) excelling in this type of environment.

don tyson, school of innovation, springdale

If you have any children or family members who you would think would love this type of school, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have several contacts that I can help you with, and I can for sure get you more information. I am also here to talk with any girls who might be interested in a career in the medical field. I would love to share tips and ideas about how to succeed in this type of career! My email can be found here.

Here’s a video with more about the School of Innovation!

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Bright Spring Accessories Under $50

Happy weekend, y’all! I hope you are all off to a relaxing weekend. I’ve been shopping around quite a bit to add a little bit of color to my accessories this spring. I will be honest, I don’t want to spend a lot on accessories that I may only wear a handful of times for the styles this season. One thing I’ve noticed though is that I have been seeing bright, bold colors everywhere! I thought I would share some of my favorite bright spring accessories I’ve seen on my search that are all under $50:

bright spring accessories

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16

This camel iPhone case (#1) is adorable! I ordered it, and it’s even cuter in person! It has little jewels on it and reminds me of my love for world travel. I’ve adding riding a camel to my bucket list.

These sunglasses (#5, 6, 7) are all $12 and are designer dupes for way more expensive pairs. If you’ve seen the Dior sunnies, #7 looks just the same and won’t cost you hundreds ;)

I ordered both pairs of these shoes (#11, 13) and they are under $25. The fringe and pom-poms are adorable and I LOVE blush pink this spring.

Be sure to snag this striped umbrella (#16) for the heavy rain this spring. The LAST thing you want is your pretty hair to get messed up. I know umbrellas aren’t something we think of often, but it’s best to have one in your car so you can grab it for those unexpected storms.

Shop these items:

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Shop With Me: Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Event

Hi everyone! I hope your spring is off to a good start. I’m ready for thunderstorms and rain. I seriously love rain and I LOVE sleeping to a nice thunderstorm. I thought I would swing by and share what I’m picking up at the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Event!

ulta, ulta sale, 21 days of beauty event, rebekaheliz, makeup, skincare

I grabbed this IT Cosmetics foundation brush! TRUE LIFE: I’ve never used a foundation brush…only a beauty blender. I’m excited to see how a brush works though, and I love the IT Cosmetics brushes. It’s already been on sale, but I’m still sharing it because at $22, I still think it’s a great buy.

(Today) Thursday, March 30th: THIS St. Tropez everyday body lotion is 50% off making it only $12.50. While I have yet to take the spray tan plunge, I like how this lotion applies evenly and provides buildable color. WHY do I love it? I can apply as few as 1 or 2 applications for a subtle tan, or I can use daily for a more pronounced tan.

Saturday, April 1st: NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE! The entire brand of Mario Badescu is 25% off. My two favorite products include this toner & this pink drying lotion. This toner has become part of my nightly routine. I use it after washing my face, and I can tell that it helps prepare my skin for serum/moisturization. It doesn’t dry my skin out which is awesome! I don’t have many breakouts, but when I do, I apply a dot of this drying lotion to the area. I wake up the next morning and my pimple is gone. It’s pretty much like magic! This Ulta sale is the perfect time to stock up.

Thursday, April 6th: This BLISS Triple Oxygen Cleanser is half off making it only $14. I’m loving the burst of moisturization that this cleanser claims to provide. I haven’t tried this product, but before summer hits, I would like to get my face in tip top shape.

Friday, April 7th: Peter Thomas Roth “Un-Wrinkle Kit” is marked down from $88 to only $44. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I have a major love for Peter Thomas Roth products. I have an entire mask collection. If I can get some help preventing wrinkles, hopefully I won’t have a desire to go “under the needle” later in life ;) ALSO, if you buy this kit, you will get a FREE water drench cloud cream. That’s a win-win! *while supplies last*

Saturday, April 8th: You will get a FREE Benefit Brow Wax in store with a $50 Benefit purchase. My favorite powder foundation of all time is THIS one by Benefit. I also love the new Benefit mattifying gel. We are talking bye, bye pores! Be sure to use this product before your face primer ;) Also, you will get a FREE Watt’s Up! Highlighter & HOOLA bag with any $45 purchase! *while supplies last*

Shop the sale:

I hope you enjoy shopping my favorite Ulta event. Be sure to let me know what you are going to get! Thanks for reading ;)