Solving My Acne Issue with MDAcne

This post has been sponsored by MDAcne. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Hope you have all had a fantastic week. I’m excited that today is Friday, but I’m sad that our rain is over. I know, I’m probably one of like 3 people who LOVE rain so much. If it rained every single day, I would never complain. That’s why I thought I would be so happy in Seattle, but the sun was out the entire time I was there…HA! You’ve probably heard me talk about my issues with sunspots on my face, but today I wanted to share another issue that I have pop up from time to time…ACNE. I don’t even like to say that word. It’s almost as if a stigma has been built around it, but I’m here to smash any and all negative thoughts you have about it. Today I want to share how I’m solving my skin issue with MDAcne.

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The lovelies over at MDAcne contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out the service. I’m very picky about the companies I work with, so I had to do a little research first.

I came up with 3 reasons I felt MDAcne was a good fit:

{ONE} Modern, easy-to-use iPhone app

I am a child of technology. It’s just the way I was raised. I practically live on my cell phone and computer! The MDAcne app is simple to download and even simpler to use. With easy-to-follow instructions, this system will work for everyone.

{TWO} Actual doctors on staff

When you begin the MDAcne system, you will be assigned a doctor to complete your virtual visits with. This is IDEAL for those with mild acne who have little to no time to make an in-person office visit (like me). You can chat with the doctors anytime via the “CHAT” option on the app!

{THREE} Personalized routine

I began by taking a picture of my skin and submitting it via the app. The picture told the story of my skin and what was needed to get it back in (and keep it in) tip top shape.

acne, MDAcne, customized skincare, skincare, cleanser, moisturizer

night treatment cream, day moisturizing cream, night/day cleanser

acne, MDAcne, customized skincare, skincare, cleanser, moisturizer

acne, MDAcne, customized skincare, skincare, cleanser, moisturizer

I wanted to use my system for a few days before reporting back. I have to say that I was nervous to use products that might be too harsh for my sensitive skin, but don’t worry. This system has been working great for me. I don’t get too dry or too oily and my acne has been kept at bay.

My struggle:

Because I wear a lot of makeup, it can be easy for my pores to get clogged. That’s why a good cleanser is KEY. I almost think acne on generally clear skin is worse. When I get a breakout, it’s very obvious. I tend to get breakouts around my chin. It has come to my attention that I tend to touch my face a lot when I sleep or prop my head up with my hands when I’m watching TV. I have been paying particular attention to this area, and I haven’t had any breakouts so far using MDAcne!

acne, MDAcne, customized skincare, skincare, cleanser, moisturizer

If you are looking to help solve your skin’s problems, feel free to email about MDAcne. While I don’t know that it’s the answer for everyone, it has really worked for my mild acne. Be sure to visit their site here!

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend.



acne, MDAcne, customized skincare, skincare, cleanser, moisturizer

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